NFL and Panther thoughts--QB's, KW, Bucs

So I’ve been forming some opinions about some things related to the Panthers and things in the NFL in general that I just wanted to share

1.FA/Draft QB’s

I think Miami is going to get Matt Flynn. Philbin was his OC at Green Bay and will know just how to best utilize his potential. This way the Dolphins will have 2 quality QBs with Flynn and Moore for the next couple years (or longer if Flynn pans out). That settled the Dolphins would likely still add someone in the draft’s later rounds to develop.

I think Peyton is going to stay in Indy. I believe Irsay when he says that if Peyton wants to stay then they will restructure so that he can. I do still believe they’re going to draft Luck. Then, in similar fashion to Rodger’s career, Luck would sit for at most 1-2 years while the franchise builds around him and then they’re still able to strive for success in the now with Peyton.

RG3. His landing spot will fall to the Redskins or the Browns. I think he will be drafted by the Browns. I don’t have any idea if they’ll trade up for him out of fear or if they’ll manage to stay strong and get him. I think the Redskins are going to ultimately decide that they’d rather not trade their entire draft for RG3 and will instead decide that Tannehill is their guy. I don’t think, though, that they will take him at #6. I figure they’ll either try their best to trade back and still grab him or stay put, take somebody, and try to trade back into the late 1st for him (like with 1 of New England’s 2 picks maybe). Of course they’ll probably have Weeden (don’t know who else is after Tannehill) or someone else in line to take on the off-chance they miss out on their guy. Oh, and unless Orton goes back to KC to compete with Cassell he could end up with a call from Washington. Sign Orton, draft Tannehill for developing, and with Grossman there too, let them compete for the starting job. (Man, I'd hate to be a redskins fan)

2. Never Discussed Draft Prospect

Now not saying this is what we SHOULD do, but just something to think about. You know how we always say we need to find Smitty’s replacement? Well why haven’t we been talking more about Kendall Wright then? Based on ESPN’s height (5-10) and weight (190) measurements for Wright and’s height (5-9) and weight (185) measurements for Smitty, Wright has a 1 inch and 5 pound advantage. Wright is one player most people think is going to run one of the fastest 40’s. To me they seem like identical players and why wouldn't we want another Smitty. Someone hopefully able to fill his shoes perfectly when he retires? We have a couple of big WR’s with Legedu (if we re-sign him), Lafell, and Gettis. Pilares is 5-10 200 but is not as fast as Smitty or (likely) Wright. Most mocks think the likely falling place for Wright is the Brown’s 2nd pick at #22.

Here’s a hypothetical - What if we are able to trade down with the Jets (who want Richardson) and get their 1st and 2nd picks. This moves us from 8/9 to pick 16. Now here we may still have Jenkins or Kirkpatrick at CB, Still or Brockers at DT, Perry or Ingram at DE, Wright or Floyd or Jeffreys at WR. Possibility 1: We take Wright here. With our 2 second rounder’s we could get a starting caliber CB (very deep position this draft), a DT/DE, or a LB. For example, our first 2 rounds could be Wright (WR) in the 1st, any combination of Brown (LB), Curry (DE), Minnifield (CB), Thompson (DT), Poe (DT), Worthy (DT), Branch (DE), David (LB), Gilmore (CB), Hosley (CB), Wagner (LB), Smith (S), Iloka (S), etc… in the 2nd. Possibility 2: We take our top pick here. We then manage to trade our 2 2nd rounders this year (and maybe next year’s 2nd or pair the 3rd & 4th if need be--I’m not positive on what the compensation would have to be) to move up and take Wright. Possibility 3: We ignore the hypothetical and stay where we are and take our pick. Then Hurney tries his damndest (like the Stewart and Otah year draft) to move back into the 1st and take him. This situation would probably cost us next year’s 1st and our 2nd from this year.

I think option 1 would be the preference if we were to get him. But all of those aside, if we were somehow able to get him we would now have Smitty’s eventual “replacement”. He wouldn't HAVE to start, but he could work his way up and (at best) immediately compete for the #3 WR spot with Gettis and Pilares. When Smith takes a play break, Wright could fill in immediately and it could be like we never missed a beat. And imagine a play with Wright and Gettis on the outside, Smitty in the slot, and Olsen on the line, with DW in the backfield. Smitty and Olsen would probably draw the most coverage in the middle and the Defense would have to beware the possibility of a run, so this would likely leave Wright and Gettis single covered. With their speed one would have to be mismatched and we all know Cam has the arm to hit either. I’m just seeing a beautiful deep bomb and us all screaming and cheering at the TD. Anyway, just a guy I've been seeing the potential of...

3. The Bucs Cap

Am I the only one who thinks that with the massive amount of money the Bucs have to spend that they seem a highly likely spot to end up landing Finnegan? Heck they could probably sign him, Terrell Thomas, and have plenty of room for, say, a low-grade FA WR or LB or something. Anyway, we know they NEED CB’s. Barber is a step away from retirement and Talib is a step away from jail. This new coach seems like he isn’t going to want to waste time with worrying about the future of his corners. This is a reason most people are mocking them Claiborne. I’m just thinking that this is a team that is going to look to land a big name FA. If I were a Buc fan I would be hoping for 2 FA corners and for the team to draft Richardson or Blackmon in the 1st (assuming Claiborne is gone, because I’d still look at him to help cement a solid secondary with the FA’s). Richardson is everything Blount is not and (if he is re-signed) would give them a 1-2 punch likened to the Giants current set. Blackmon would give them their most reliable WR. Benn and Williams mean that Blackmon doesn’t have to step in as the #1 guy right away, though it’s inevitable he’d work his way up there. This could help Williams to return to his rookie form. Either pick would help Freeman return to form.

Anyway, these are just some thoughts I’ve been having. I just typed them out while watching The Walking Dead, man I love that show. What do you guys have to say?

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