Reflection on the last year of CSR

Inspired by the recent spurt of new writers and the call to arms from our editors I have decided to jump off the fence and post something myself. Am I as football savvy as James Dator?..... only in my own head. Can I speak with authority about draft prospects like Son of a Newton or Rick Bates?..... no because to be quite honest I don't know my buckeyes from my gamecocks. Can I be bothered to breakdown a play like Jcbouche has been expertly doing recently?..... absolutely not im too busy planning the end of the rest of my life (the joys of being engaged). So instead I'll be taking a light hearted look at the past year both for the panthers and for the CSR community through the medium of......

LimeyP's Top 5 memories of 2011

What memories are these you say? Find out after the jump

1) obviously its Cam Newton

I'll make this quick since its been done to death by everyone in the footballing world. Coming out of Pre-season not everyone was convinced that Cam was our guy, some of us maybe even felt that a blunder of biblical proportions had been dropped on our already battered fan base. Not so. Cam made the pro's look like child's play as threw back to back 400 yard games, there was much rejoicing. Cam would continue to break records on his way to the offensive rookie of the year award. Only one fan wasn't completely sold on cam but I won't go into that for fear of de-railing this post

2) speaking of panthertrain

How could I not bring up the Love/Hate relationship between CSR and Panthertrain.... i mean NewtonianPanthers.... no wait I did mean panthertrain. That's right up next is our resident split personality disorder blogger. The man whose opinions changed more than a hookers bed sheets, a man at times so infuriating that he was banned from game day threads for a time. A man finally embraced for his ability to spark controversy and debate. A man who has been strangely quiet of late..... should we be afraid? Moving on....

3) A house divided:

Armanti Edwards. On one side the loyalists... blind to the obvious truth, On the other learned football fans :). I honestly dont think I've seen the phrase 'haters gon hate' so much in regards to one subject. Love him or hate him Edwards is still a panther but the debate about his worth has raged pretty much since we drafted him and will continue to rage for years to come I'm sure. Is he a viable 3rd qb? Will he ever get a shot at WR or redemption as a PR? Or will he just be cut? Only time will tell panthers fans.

4)Smitty.... reborn

Again another obvious one to go to but it cant be ignored. Steve Smith is here to stay. Pre draft last year the talk was 'will Smitty hang up his cleats?' or 'will Steve demand a trade?'. Now the only talk is just how long can steve smith turn out seasons like this one? Quick to embrace Cam newton, the other veterans soon followed suit and created a stable offence that could.... shock horror...

5) actually win away from home!

Even pulling out that rarest of things... back-to-back road victories. Well thank god that's done with. The panthers were an embarrassment for far too long when playing away. Now we're coming off a season where we finished strong and are playing with confidence. How will that translate next year? I cant wait to find out. Remember people that this will be the first time Cam Newton will be playing in the same offensive scheme. Watch out NFL something wicked this way comes.

Anyhow that's a rap from me... Do you agree with the top 5? or is there a burning issue that made you laugh, smile or cry from the 2011 season?

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