Tale of the Tape: Cam Newton vs Tim Tebow



I should really get a psychological evaluation for doing this but after last night's troll visit I felt it was imperative to set the record straight. Let me begin by stating that I do not harbor any ill will towards Tim Tebow or the Denver Broncos. This post would be better suited for their upcoming matchup later this year, but I figured "what the hell?". For those of you who weren't around to see the troll's post, consider yourself lucky. The post has since been taken down (thank you CSR staff), so I will sum up essentially what was said. The troll basically put it out there that Carolina cannot win with Cam Newton as our QB. He tried to justify his ridiculous argument by pointing out the teams Carolina lost to during the season.



Nothing bothers me more than someone who tries to make an argument without having all of his facts straight or without watching the games of the player he is trying to criticize. While there may be similarities between Newton and Tebow, their differences are noticeable individually and through their respective teams. I will break down both of these quarterbacks statistically and the impact they have made on the field after the jump.

Cam Newton

16 GS 310/517 4,051 60.0% 21/17

Rushing: 126 rushes 706 yards 14TDs

QB Rating: 84.5

Career record: 6-10

Newton had a rookie season for the ages. He broke records and propelled a weak offense to new heights. He rejuvenated WR Steve Smith's career. He was rewarded for his efforts by being named to the Pro Bowl (albeit a replacement) and took home the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. To say that the Panthers cannot win big games or be a contender throughout the duration of his career is insulting to a fan base who saw the unthinkable happen. Some of the best quarterbacks in the game did not find success early. Plus, the one thing everyone knows about the Panthers is that their defense was not up to par this past year. Injuries played a huge role and the strength of 2010 became the weakness of 2011. We all know the defense wasn't completely to blame. For as brilliant as Newton played this past year, he reminded all of us that he was still a rookie. In the end, a 6-10 first year record is nothing to scoff at, especially from a team with a rookie head coach and quarterback.

Tim Tebow

14 GS 167/353 2,383 47.3% 17/9

Rushing: 165 rushes 887 yards 12 TD

75.1 Rating

Career record: 8-6

Tebow isn't too much of a slouch...record wise. He has one more year of experience than Newton, but has only started fourteen games. So, he gets some kudos for maintaining a winning record. Here is where the comparisons begin to pale. Tebow isn't exactly putting up spectacular numbers yet he is able to come through in the clutch. Newton hasn't really done that but he us capable. We all know how much Tebow motivated his teammates and many of them have played at a high level when it mattered most. Another strong difference is the Denver defense. John Fox fielded a strong defensive unit this year which helped lead the Broncos to the playoffs. Tebow's M.O. for most of the season was to play awful for three quarters and dazzle in the fourth. His best game of the season (IMO) probably came against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card. Wild card indeed. Despite coming back to force overtime, Denver's first play in OT was the game winner. Think Jake Delhomme to Steve Smith against the Rams a few years back. The next week featured a rematch with the Patriots but there was no upset in this game. So, Tebow is 1-1 in the playoffs.


Both of these QBs had great college careers with Tebow holding a slight edge. Both are Heisman winners. Both have led their respective teams to National Title glory. Statistically, Newton is the better quarterback at the pro level. While both men are hard working, Newton seems to benefit more from the personnel and coaching staff assembled to make him successful. Carolina has "Super Cam" and Denver has "Tebowing". There are no doubts amongst the Panther faithful that Newton will make Carolina a contender. Denver fans feel they can win with Tebow, despite his subpar numbers. In the end, that is alright because both teams know they can compete with their respective field generals. The one thing that stood out in that absurd post last night (and I'm paraphrasing) "Carolina fans need to stop drinking the kool-aid. Its stupid to think Cam will win many Super Bowls". You know what? If Newton makes Carolina a perennial contender and only wins one championship, I will keep drinking that kool-aid until his career is over. I'm sure every Panther fan worldwide would agree.

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