Panther Paw Prints - Pre-Super Bowl Edition

These Paw Prints really have nothing to do with the Super Bowl as it turns out, just a reference to the week. We don't have anything earth shattering so far this week but I do have an absolutely hilarious video of the five Panther players and HC Ron Rivera singing a song to say thanks to a Panther fan. Jordan Gross and Ryan Kalil singing soprano is just too much: news: NFL presents its fans with a big 'thank you'

Words alone cannot express how the NFL feels about its fans. So, the league, some players, owners, mascots and cheerleaders conveyed their gratitude through the powerful medium of song.

American singing idols they are Bad Ass MF Football models they rule!...It seems the change to the Panthers logo has caused quite a stir if you use the number of comments on Scott Fowler's blog as a measuring stick. No worries about a change to the uniforms though:

Scott Says ...: Panther uniforms won't change in 2012
"I don't anticipate any changes at all in the uniforms," Charlie Dayton, the Panthers' team spokesman, said Tuesday.

Hence your investment in that Cam Newton #1 jersey remains the same...

Here's a reasonable view of Newton's Pro Bowl performance:

Cam Newton Falters as AFC Rolls Over NFC in Hawai'i - Cat Crave - A Carolina Panthers Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more

The future looks very bright for Cam Newton. His performance in the Pro Bowl did not show me anything previously unknown. He still has the ability and arm to do a lot, more than 90% of QBs because of his running ability. The upside is still through the roof and he accomplished a lot in his rookie season. Better decision making will come with time as well. Of course we would have liked him to throw 3 TDs and win MVP, I’m sure he would have liked that too! Going to Hawaii was the "Cherry on Top" of the successful "Ice Cream Cake" season Cam Newton had. Therefore if he played great at the Pro Bowl he would’ve been able to "have his cake and eat it too," ….and we all know that nobody can do that. Even more of a reason why the very competitive Newton will be back to redeem himself and prove otherwise.

So he's saying essentially the football Gods have graced Newton enough and a spectacular Pro Bowl performance would have simply been over the top. I guess I can buy that as long as Newton wins a couple SBs this decade!

Guess what...Mooch thinks Newton was pretty good this season:

Inside the Panthers: Ex-Niners coach: Cam Newton in "fast lane" to greatness
"I think Cam surprised all of us," Mariucci said Tuesday at Super Bowl media day. "Yeah, he's the No. 1 pick in the draft. But often times when you go to a team that needs to be rebuilt, that guy just has a real sub-par year. "But boy oh boy, did he take the league by storm. It's really fun to see. And Cam is growing up fast. He is in the fast lane to being a heck of a quarterback. So that's really going to stir it up in the NFC South."

Glad to see him catch up to 2011...Here's a Bears blogger giving Cam his due during his season recap that included the Bears win over the Panthers.

Chicago Bears 2011 regular season Review: A collapse of epic proportions – NFL Special Part II |
Cam Newton showcased his talent and fans at Soldier Field found out why the quarterback was the number one draft pick in the 2011 drafts as Newton rushed for two touchdowns while passing for another to keep the Bears on their toes but in the end his efforts did not deliver the right result.

See...even a Bears blogger thinks a Panther win would have been the right result...This is one Storm I would like to see up close and personal too, even if it means touching on a sore subject yet again:

ESPN's Hannah Storm Gets Up Close and Personal With Four NFL Newsmakers -

"He said he's glad [the investigation] happened," Storm says. "He said they opened up their books and there was no money there, and he kind of makes a joke, 'Where's that $200,000?' He actually says that it brought him closer to his father."

I only link this because of Cam mentioning that this adversity brought him closer to his father. Having two sons myself I can totally relate while also being a bit amazed that Newton has the maturity to recognize the unexpected benefit of the 'scandal'...

Here's a position I don't understand much less support but thought I would keep an open mind and see what you guys think:

It's Time to Dump Sir Purr: A Fan's Call to Action! - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Sir Purr, the Panthers mascot, is quite possibly the worst mascot in the NFL. With the excitement of Cam Newton and the suddenly dangerous Carolina offense, it is time to get a mascot worthy of the Panthers franchise.

Take the fan poll to register your thoughts on Sir Purr.

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