Ron Rivera's Never Worried


For every team there will always be a few fans chatting about how they wish they had a different head coach. For me as a Panthers fan it's usually hearing about Bill Cowher, and how he has ties to the state and would be the perfect Panthers head coach. I would hear this even before Panther nation was calling for Fox's head. Cowher to Carolina would make a great story, and I would love to see it, but it's most likely a pipe dream. It's a fun conversation none-the-less even if you aren't ready to fire Ron Rivera.

That light-hearten dialogue between the fringe fans and devotees alike, bears no resemblance to the desolate discussions that Panther fans are currently having. Even the most supportive of the Rivera regime are beginning to waiver in the wake of Sunday's loss to the Chiefs, a team currently tied for the the worst record in the NFL. .

It's true that nobody likes to be wrong,but it's also true that while Ron Rivera may have been a good hire off of sheer potential, over his 29 game span as head coach of the Carolina Panthers, he has proved he's not the man for the job over and over again, and no time is soon enough to cut ties with this failed hire.

Monday following yet another loss, Rivera was quoted about playing his younger players down the stretch.

"People say. 'Oh you're just getting them ready for the next coach. 'Well I think I'm getting them ready for me. I could be wrong, but I'm not going to worry about that."

Oh you aren't worried? Well I'm not surprised. Rivera's demeanor, lack of urgency, and colorless comments are one of the most perplexing issues for Panther faithful, myself included.

Not to mention that Rivera continually tells us that he "gets it", when he obviously doesn't. If he did get it, he wouldn't make the same mistakes over and over again. Whether it be not calling a timeout, or lacking the guts to not play a prevent defense with the lead, Ron Rivera has made all the wrong decisions and the Panthers few wins have come in spite of his coaching performance.

It's not hard to connect the dots when so many of the Panthers losses feel eerily similar. They reek fear of adjustments and a lack of leadership and discipline. Does this fall under the umbrella of coaching? In my book it does, and this team has reflected the leadership of it's coaching, which is scared and passive.

And yes, Cam does have to be a leader on this team for it to be a playoff contender, but if Ron Rivera had half a brain, he could tell that Cam isn't quite ready for everything that being a leader encompasses. If he had any guts, he would do something, make an adjustment, cuss somebody out, anything other than waste what could have been a promising season by doing nothing.

Well let there be no doubt, the seat isn't just getting hot in Carolina for 2nd year head coach Ron Rivera, it may just incinerate. Panther nation has lost all confidence in it's head coach, and Sunday's loss may just be an indicator Rivera's players have too.


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