CSR 1 Fantasy League Playoffs Now Starting!

Jamie Squire

Yes my Cardiacs Cats finished out winning three in a row to nail down Division 4 and blast into the wild card round of the playoffs.

The #1 seed in the playoffs is being held by a team that made a sudden name switch mid-season. Born Out of Medlock is now called The Case for Ganorrhea...we are still not sure what prompted the name change. ;)

But enough of that boring trivial stuff, let's talk about my victory in week 13!

Here's the recap of my most stupendous victory of King's CO. I have to highlight one tiny fact though that makes me laugh Ha Ha Ha!

King's CO would be 10-2 if they played the same schedule as Jaxon's Cardiac Cats.

So my awesome schedule manipulation at the beginning of the season worked! For my next schedule feat I will help the Panthers lose 13 games in the 2012 season!

Week 13 Cardiac Cats Victory Recap

Jaxon's Cardiac Cats earned their third consecutive win when they beat King's CO 97.38 - 82.80. They were led by Peyton Manning who had 25.18 points and Demaryius Thomas who had 21.90. King's CO goes to 6-7 and falls to seventh place. Jaxon's Cardiac Cats is in fourth place, having now blown through Ace's Spades (106.00 - 66.54) and The Kickass Unicorns (77.30 - 57.82).

Jaxon's Cardiac Cats Smooth Moves

  • Peyton Manning ranked seventh in the league in scoring with 25.18 points.
  • With 21.90 points, Demaryius Thomas ranked second in the league in scoring among WRs this week.
  • Steve Smith had the fourth-highest score of any WR in the league this week with 18.00 points.
  • The 14.00 points scored by Matt Bryant outpaced his 9.36-point scoring projection by 49.6%.
  • Even with only 4 of the 9 starters scoring more than their projection, Jaxon's Cardiac Cats was still able to win.

King's CO Regret Tracker

  • Did not start Carson Palmer, who scored 24.34 points to rank ninth in the league in scoring.
  • Did not start the Atlanta Falcons Defense, which scored 13.00 points, surpassing their projected points by 199.5%, the sixth-highest percentage in the league.
  • King's CO picked up Knowshon Moreno, who then fell short of his 12.28-point projection by scoring 8.30 points.
  • Matt Ryan has now failed to reach his projection for three straight games. This week he scored 12.40 points versus a projected 26.74.
  • 7 of the 9 starters scored less than their projected points.

What If

  • If Jaxon's Cardiac Cats played King's CO every week, they would be 6-7 this season.
  • Besides King's CO, Jaxon's Cardiac Cats would have defeated six other teams this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as King's CO, Jaxon's Cardiac Cats would be 5-7.
  • Jaxon's Cardiac Cats would be 65-78 if they played every team every week.
  • Besides Jaxon's Cardiac Cats, King's CO would have been defeated by five other teams this week.
  • Had they played each other last week, Jaxon's Cardiac Cats would have lost to King's CO 97.22 - 77.30.
  • King's CO would be 10-2 if they played the same schedule as Jaxon's Cardiac Cats.
  • King's CO would be 89-54 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • Six of the seven losses for King's CO this season have come when their opponent scores higher than their season average.
  • King's CO scored 82.80 points against a projected 116.94 and underachieved for the seventh time this season, including the last three weeks in a row.
  • King's CO has the longest current losing streak in the league, having lost three straight games.
  • Calvin Johnson beat his projection for the fifth straight week. His 25.10 points ranked eighth in the league this week.
  • Jaxon's Cardiac Cats got a combined 44.50 points from their WRs, their highest combined scoring output from the WR position this season.
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis scored 13.20 points against a projected 8.81 in the loss and has now beaten his projection in three straight games.
  • Despite being on the winning team, Greg Jennings scored 4.60 points against a projected 7.32 and has now underachieved in four straight games.
Jaxon's Cardiac Cats has now won three straight games.

CSR 1 Playoff Victory March Under Way

It doesn't start off easy for me though Panther fans. I face an old nemesis (and I mean old as the hills) in Cyberjag who might be too busy scratching up dead and buried coaching candidates to set his fantasy line up. He called his team the 1% which about how much of a chance he has this weekend!

Fantasy and long odds it will be for 'Jag to win! Oh this will be a throw down in the hoe down Cardiac cat style! I know you will be pulling for me and thanks very much. Stay tuned for the results next week!

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