CSR 2: The Dream is Over (NSFX-Mas)

As if I didn't have to apologize enough to America last week, the gob slobbering Tigres won the whole fucking thing.

It wasn't even close, Out of Bounds thought he could wear the big boy pants after beating a down week Crazy 88's, but when the time came to show up, he would have lost in the conciliatory round this week.

Dipen, there is a reason you were # 5 at the end of the season, you had a shitty team that had a few good weeks. You are the 2011 Seattle Seahawks personified. God help you next year, because I doubt you will sniff the ass of the champions again.

Limey, What can I say?

Nothing. So run your Little Bitch mouth and then disappear for the off season:

Rookie of the year,

That's me. I have secured victory in the championship final and won it all at the first attempt. However, Fantasy football has been put into perspective for me. My nan had a heart attack on Christmas eve which has completely shocked everyone of my family. Despite this, I looked to see how Los Papel Tigres had done and I'm glad I did. Even though this shitty thing was happening, seeing me beat Dipen still made me smile. I have to thank you all for that, I've been so engrossed in this season and had so much fun doing it because of the fantastic banter we have had all year. So thank you, and I look forward to kicking the snot out of you again next year. My banter may be tame for now, but once my Gran is a bit better, the full obnoxious glory shall be released on Dipen. You made a valiant (read pathetic) effort to defeat me but it was simply destiny... and you cant stop destiny.

Its worth noting that both Queen City Shats and The Disappointing 88s both would have won had they played me in the final. Worth noting, but ultimately irrelevant.... there can be only one. (If i knew how there would be a picture of Conner McLeod from Highlander at this point... feel free to do the honors drew) [Editors note: Go fuck yourself Limey. I'm not your picture bitch.]

Props to Drew for being the commish in the best CSR league. I feel others will really want to be a part of this next year. LONG LIVE CSR 2
The champion
Limey Panther


(note: my nan is doing alright at the moment but remains in hospital)

Limey, Reaching for sympathy while gloating after a win is below even Tim Tebow, so it is a step up for you.

Until next year, Fuckers.

PS. I honestly don't know if Queen City Katz or I won this week. If your not in the Championships, no one fucking cares.

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