My thoughts on Cam/Rivera with stats to back it up.

Over this season I have posted very little but I have read just about every comment on most articles. I am a very avid fan and a terrific arm chair coach. But, I am not a writer or a stats guru. So please forgive me if I'm not the most organized but I am hoping that you will enjoy the post. (Sorry it's so long).

As we all are unfortunately aware of, our beloved Panthers are only 5-9 at this point in the season. We have all seen our outstanding QB seem to turn into a pouty child. BAMF has looked more like lost puppy instead of a intimidating 200lb rottweiler. However, as the season has progressed I felt like I was witnessing these individual grow and mature and finally seem like they are finally grasping what it takes to succeed at their respective jobs.

So, what I decided to do was compare Cam/Rivera and the team as a whole before the bye week and after. As most of us know the bye week is the time to start making changes/adjustments from before the bye. Here is what I found.

START of Season: Record: 1-4 Cam Passing Stats: 80-136, 58.82%, 1154 yds, 230.8 ypg, 8.78 yard per attempt, 4 TD's, 5 INT's, 85.84 passer rating. Cam Rushing Stats: 40 attempts, 209 yds, 5.23 ypa, 41.8 ypg, 3 TD's, 5 fumbles, 2 fumbles lost.

As you can see Cam accounted for only 7 total TD's versus 7 turnovers. Thats definitely not going to win many games. Cam only had 2 games without a turnover. Also during this time he only had 2 games with a passer rating over 100. Rivera was definitely playing not lose games and Chud was trying to be way to cute. McDermott was trying to help make sure the defense could keep us in games but ultimately they failed in the end.

AFTER the BYE week: Record: 4-5 Cam Passing Stats: 166-287, 57.84%, 2297 yds, 255.11 ypg, 8.13 ypa, 14 TD's, 5 INT's, 95.11 passer rating. Cam Rushing Stats: 68 attempts, 438 yds, 6.44 ypa, 48.67 ypg, 4 TD's, 5 fumbles, 1 fumble lost.

While Cam's completetion percentage dropped slightly he has vastly improved in many other areas. Most importantly is the touchdown/turnover ration. Cam has accounted for 18 TD's and only 6 turnovers. During that span he has had 6 games with 0 turnovers (5 games in a row). Another impressive stat is he has had 4 gamers with a passer rating over 100 (2 other games with a rating 95.8 and 99.4). Cam not only improved on the field but off the field as well. His post game interviews have been alot better even after losses. He is more interactive with the coaches and team mates on the sideline and basically STARTING to become a leader. Chud has started calling a somewhat more traditional offence and the results are getting better every week. Rivera still has a tendency to play not to lose instead of being aggressive until the end, but he is starting to show some improvement in that area. It appears that after Hurney got fired, Rivera finally started acting like a Head Coach and started taking control of the team/coaches. It may be too late for that to really affect this season but better late than never.

Another fun fact: If the Panthers win Sunday we will be at .500 after the bye. If we win out then they will have a winning record after the bye. My point in all of this is simple. Improvements have been made. Whether you feel the wins are garbage game wins or against bad teams or whatever....a win is still a win. And that my friends make all of us to be happy to be a Panther fan!! I believe that Rivera and McD have earned the chance for another season. I personally don't think Chud should stay but I wouldn't be completely against it either.

Anyways, please let me know what all of you think. Thanks for taking the time to read this novel.

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