Sick with nothing better to do than dream of the Panthers offseason moves

I will start this post by stating that I firmly believe that the Panthers will win out and finish 7-9. However, for the sake of argument I will also describe what I think will happen if we go 6-10. If the Panthers win out I think the coaching staff and roster will remain roughly the same, with a few adjustments. However if we lose one, or both, of our last two games I believe we will be looking at a true rebuild much like Indy's.


-Free Agents (If we go 6-10 you're most likely going to see them all walk)

Our Free Agents at the end of the season are:

Jordan Senn- resign

Jason Phillips- resign

Andre Neblett- release

Captain Munnerlyn- He will be talked to, but I think Cap will go searching for greener pastures

Louis Murphy- I see him being resigned to at least a 1 yr contract to see if his development continues

Ben Hartstock- release

Gary Barnidge- He hasn't found his way off the team yet, and I don't think this year will change that, resign

Derek Anderson- release

Richie Brockel- release

Dwan Edwards- A serious effort should be made to resign him, and something like a 2 yr 7 mil deal should be possible.


-Possible Free Agent Signings (I don't think any big names will be brought in if we go 6-10)

There could some interesting names hitting FA this year, though everyone here knows our disdain for bringing in big FAs. However some names strike me as interesting at least:

Mike Wallace WR- Will be 27 next year and has good talent. However, he will probably want too much money, and we have some young receivers showing promise.

Micheal Johnson DE- Man we should've drafted this guy. At 26 next season and loads of upside, I would love this addition but he will probably be a luxury we can't afford.

DRC CB- Will be 27 next year and has great physical tools. Our looking at CBs in FA will depend on how our young guys play over the next two games, but so far I think they've shown enough promise to discourage a FA signing.

Sean Smith CB- Will be 26 next year and has great aestheticism for his size. As mentioned with DRC, I don't think we'll be needing a FA CB, but if we do Sean Smith is my favorite.

Jarius Byrd FS- Campbell has looked good at safety over the last two games, but the next two will determine if can start next year, especially the Saints game. If he croaks though Byrd would be a signing that could solidify our secondary.

Louis Delmas SS- The possibility of looking at Delmas is the same as Byrd. However, if he clears physicals the signing of Delmas would allow Godfrey to move to FS.

All in all I don't think we will sign a starter in FA, but if we do the most likely candidate is Sean Smith.


-2013 NFL draft

If we finish 7-9 we should pick 13 or 14. If 6-10 we should pick at 10, so our draft probably won't change much either way.

1) Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

Some might think this is high for a guard, and while we should try to trade back a few spots to pick up a 3rd round pick, this is still our best option in the mid-first round. He would start at RG day one and could propel our O-line and run game back to preeminence.

The other option here would be Jonathan Banks, CB, Mississippi State.

2) Jesse Williams, NT, Alabama

Big, strong, great against the run, and can collapse the pocket aka exactly what our d-line needs.

If we go Jonathan Banks in the first then Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky should be our second pick.

*3) Marcus Davis, WR, Virgina Tech

If we can trade back a few spots in the first round to get this pick, Marcus Davis should be there and has great physical talent. He would be able to sit back and learn with our WR corps, not having that pressure to produce early could allow Davis to mature into something special.

If Davis isn't there at this pick Emory Blake, WR, Auburn could also be a good pick.

4) Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia

Has excellent size and solid speed. He showed good improvements from his Junior year and throughout the season. Could be a steal if he's still there at this pick.

Mister Cobble, DT, Kentucky would be a great pick up if we haven't drafted a DT yet.

5) Micheal Williams, TE, Alabama

Good overall athleticism for his size, and can really run block. Due to Alabama's affinity for running the ball he doesn't have prolific receiving numbers, but has shown the ability to be a pass catching threat and could flourish in our system.

If we haven''t drafted a CB then Tyrann Mathieu, CB/S, LSU would be a good pick up here.

6) Micheal Clay, OLB, Oregon

A bit undersized, but solid football player, and an absolute tackling machine.

Probably looking for LB and special teams depth here.

7) Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State

Strong leg and good accuracy, worth the pick.

If not Hopkins then one of the other top kickers.

Some UDFAs

Montori Hughes, DT, Tennessee-Martin

Ohrian Johnson, S, Ohio State

James Hurst, OT, North Carolina


There have been in depth posts on here previously discussing the possibility of who could be cut based on future cap hits, I would recommend you to those to see what possible cuts could be made if the roster were to be gutted at the end of the season. But even if we win out there are some serious Hurney issues to be dealt with by the new GM in the contract department.

Jon Beason- He has two back-to-back seasons ending with injuries, will not be our starter in the middle due to Keek's play, and will be making 5.25 mil next year. I think everyone wants him to stay and find somewhere on the team for him, but if that's going to happen a contract re-structuring is a must. Anything much more than 1.5 mil next year for the Beast is too much.

Jordan Gross- He still has three solid starting years left, but not at 8.7 mil dollars for next year, the word used was solid not elite, and he should payed as such. His salary needs to be closer to the 3-5 mil dollar range, and hopefully he realizes that.

DeAngelo Willams- Will have a salary of 4.75 mil next year, hopefully he can be talked down to roughly a third of that.

James Anderson- 2.9 mil dollars next year, Anderson is a solid SLB, but his salary needs to be trimmed down.


Those are the four contracts that need to be immediately restructured in the offseason. However over the next few years several players contracts will either need to be restructured or extended.

Cam Newton- Extension, could be the largest contract to date in the NFL.

Steve Smith- His contract jumps significantly in 2014 and will need to be restructured.

Greg Olsen- His contract needs to be extended, and he may need to take a pay cut as 5.25 mil is kind of steep in 2014-15.

Charles Godfrey- He is a good starter, but 5 mil in 2014 might be a bit much.

Mike Tolbert- 2.3 mil in 2014 is too much even for a human coke machine.

Thomas Davis- The soul of our team but too injury prone to make 2.75 mil in 2014.

Jonathan Stewart- His contract is good until 2015 when his contract will need to be restructured

Brandon Lafell, Greg Hardy, and Bruce Campbell will all likely be resigned after next season.


This is how I imagine our 52 will look at the beginning of next year, if we win out this season

QB- Cam Newton/ Jimmy Clausen

RB- DeAngelo Williams/ Jonathan Stewart/ Tauren Poole

FB- Mike Tolbert

TE- Greg Olsen/ Gary Barnidge/ Micheal Williams

WR 1- Steve Smith/ Louis Murphy/ Kealoha Pilares

WR 2- Brandon Lafell/ Joe Adams/*David Gettis or *Marcus Davis or Emory Blake (we will only go with six receivers)

LT- Jordan Gross/ Bruce Campbell

LG- Amini Silatolu/ Geoff Hangartner

C- Ryan Kalil/ Jeff Byers

RG- Chance Warmack or Larry Warford

RT- Byron Bell/ Garry Williams or James Hurst

RE- Greg Hardy/ Frank Alexander

LE- Charles Johnson/ Thomas Keiser

NT- Ron Edwards/ Sione Fua/Jesse Williams or Mister Cobble

UT- Dwan Edwards/ Nate Chandler

SLB- James Anderson/ Jordan Senn

MLB- Luke Kuechely/ Jason Phillips

WLB- Thomas Davis/ Jon Beason/ Micheal Clay

CB 1- Chris Gamble/ Josh Thomas/ James Dockery

CB 2- Josh Norman/ Sanders Commings or Tyrann Mathieu or Jonathan Banks

SS- DJ Campbell/ Haruki Nakamura

FS- Charles Godfrey/ Sherrod Martin

LS- JJ Jansen

P- Brad Nortmen

K-Dustin Hopkins

I think with a solid draft, at least somewhat similar to the one I envision along with the continued development of young players, we're looking at a football team with more all around talent and depth than the team we started with this year. If the Panthers win out the 2012-13 season finishing 7-9, and roughly go through the above mentioned offseason, I think you're looking at an NFC South competitor in the 2013-14 season and at minimum a 10-6 wild card team. However, if this team finishes 6-10 or worse you're looking at an entirely different team next year. The best I can envision it is something like this:

QB- Cam Newton/ Jimmy Clausen

RB/ Jonathan Stewart/ Tauren Poole/ ?

FB- ?

TE- Greg Olsen/ Micheal Williams

WR 1- ?/ David Gettis/ Kealoha Pilares

WR 2- Brandon LaFell/ Joe Adams/ Marcus Davis or Emory Blake

LT- Bruce Campbell/ Garry Williams

LG- Amini Silitolu/ ?

C- Ryan Kalil/ Jeff Byers

RG- Chance Warmack or Larry Warford

RT- Byron Bell/ James Hurst

RE-Greg Hardy/ Frank Alexander

LE- Charles Johnson/ Thomas Keiser

NT- Sione Fua/ Frank Kearse/ Jesse Williams or Mister Cobbles

UT- Nate Chandler/ ?

SLB- ?/?

MLB- Luke Kuechly/ ?

WLB- Thomas Davis/ Micheal Clay

CB 1- Chris Gamble/ Josh Thomas/ Sanders Commings or Tyrann Mathieu or Jonathan Banks

CB 2- Josh Norman/ James Dockery

SS- DJ Campbell/ ?

FS- Charles Godfrey/ ?

LS- JJ Jansen

P- Brad Nortman

K- Dustin Hopkins

These are the outcomes I can see happening based on how our season ends.


I used and for the contract information. And was a source used to aid in my mock draft.

The content of these posts are those of the user/fan making the post only

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