Carolina Panthers PSL holders get angry, write a rant

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Hey, good for them.

A small group of Carolina Panthers' PSL owners have taken a page out of Ryan Kalil's book and opted to buy space in the Charlotte Observer today to rant about their discontent with the Carolina Panthers.

If you're interesting in reading this schlock, you can find it here.

(H/T to Bill Voth, who shared via Twitter)

You know that moment in the movie Spartacus where each slave stands up and loudly proclaims "I am Spartacus!" in an effort to stop the Romans? This is kind of like that. If nobody had any common sense... and they also had a bizarre entitlement issues. If you want a more modern take -- it would be like subscribing to Spotify, then bitch about how there's no good new music.

In 2009 you may have had a point, in 2010 you definitely had a point -- in December of 2012? It's time to be quiet. The PSL system is the lifeblood of the Carolina Panthers, and the reason there is an NFL franchise in the Carolinas. However, that doesn't mean PSL holders have agency in how the franchise operates, or the right to act like petulant children when the team is losing. Sell your tickets, sell your license -- by all means, welcome to capitalism. Just shut up about how you should be treated "more like [Richardson's] private business partners".

This is the slender minority that perpetuates so many bad stereotypes about PSL owners. This is how unfair labels come about, depicting PSL owners as lacking passion, remaining quiet at games, disinterested, and acting superior. Most PSL owners are like every other fan, but were willing and able to make a monetary commitment.

So "Perturbed Panthers PSL Owners Federation" how about you contact us? I'd be more than willing to help spread the word and help find fans who would take your PSL's off your hands; fans who want to be fans, not 'business partners' and don't need validation. Clearly you don't understand that following a sports team is about more heartache than jubilation, more bad days than good, and more disappointments than successes. You don't have a good grasp on reality, and I hate to imagine the burden you're saddled with having those season tickets to pay for.

One last thing: Your bar graphs are terrible. Everyone knows Jerry Richardson responds better to pie charts.

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