(Updated: part 1) CSR 2: Its the semi final countdown... dudu-dudu dadadadada. What? Im European I can sing versions of Europe songs whenever I want. (NSFW or children or people with pacemakers or of a nervous disposition... or pregnant)

So I have been working 13 hour shifts and have been too tired to write up last weeks 'CSR 2 awesomeness page'. God only knows what Capt. Bummertron has been doing, but it involves only getting a couple of hours sleep a night in Washington.... hmmm... draw your own conclusion CSR 2 faithful. Personally I'm sure it involves drinking into the wee hours, and crying into a pillow about how much he misses his wife and how much his fantasy football team sucks balls (unless you're already back home my friend, in which case I think we can all guess what you've been doing).

Anyhow, enough of my seemingly irreverent tangent. Lets talk FOOTBAWL. Last week 6 became 4 as we said goodbye to Dakota and Licence to Kalil. See you fella's, thanks for playing. Out of bounds and Queen city cats progress and this is how the semi-finals currently stand at the end of Thursdays game..... (note. I will update as best I can as the weekend goes on but I am working all day Sunday so it will be late.)

Crazy 88s 0.00 vs Out of Bounds 52.30. At the end of Sundays early games 75.24 vs 74.50

WOOOOOOW. What a difference a day makes. This game is tighter than a nun's fanny. All the bravado has been bashed, all the wind sucked out of the sails of the Good ship O.O.Bs by a hurricane comeback by the crazy 88s. Its anybodies game right now, but the ace in the hole is Tom Brady who is yet to play. I cant call this so you two idiots can talk smack at each other.... only one will be left standing. Will leaving Trent Richardson on the bench have any lasting effects? Wow I SURE hope not, that would be sooooo sad

Los Papel Tigres 0.00 vs Queen City Cats 0.00. At the end of Sundays early games 84.18 vs 53.00

You know we like to keep you entertained here on CSR 2 and what better way than a CAT FIGHT. Rest assured, these sleeping cats will soon wake and then its on... oh it's on.

.... and it is. Im not stupid enough to think that 30 points is a big enough lead (especially when your opponent has his QB to play..... GO PANTHERS) to win this semi final, but it sure helps. Drew Brees is back, and AP continues to dominate, good times all round. I'm not going to talk about the cats because frankly the lack of effort by tony doesn't any attention. I know you all want me to win anyway so get behind the tigres!!!!

As stated I will do my best to keep this page updated, but regardless of if you are still in the competition or out of it..... SOUND OFF LIKE YOU GOT A PAIR and give each other hell.

P.S feel free to talk about the 'king of the losers' competition also ongoing.

ATTACK- keep the banter flowing and all you other CSR 2'ers... make some noise damn you

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