An Early Look At Panthers Draft Prospects

I'm one of those guys that not only lives for pro football but all football in general. I've been watching college football all day and watching all of these players knowing many of them will be decent pro players and wondering what team they will play for. Now I have been constructing a Panthers big board over the course of the season and I thought I would share some of the names with you guys. Here are the guys I wouldn't mind seeing the Panthers taking.

1st Round Talent-

Luke Joeckel OT- The line has been a mess all season and Joeckel can help out a lot.

Star Lotulelei DT- A man can dream of a BA defensive line.

DeMarcus Milliner CB- With Drew Brees and Matt Ryan in the division another shutdown corner isnt a bad idea.

Jarvis Jones DE/OLB- Why not add another great pass rusher that can play both defensive end and linebacker


2nd Round Talent-

Matt Elam S- I'm so tired of Nakumara, It's time the Panthers invest a high pick on a safety.

Dallas Thomas OT - Once again offensive line is one of the most important positions and the Panthers need to get more depth and skill on their line.

DJ Fluker OT- As I said above more line

David Amerson CB- He is a great player and would be a great corner for Carolina

Kawann Short DT- Would be really good next to Dwan Edwards

4th Round Talent-

Zack Sudfled TE- I miss having Shockey and running a two tight end set.. Barnidge is decent but the thing I love about Sudfled is hes 6'7"

Josh Dworacyzk OG- I would be happy with Dworacyzk even if the offensive line was performing

Ray-Ray Armstrong CB- With a name like Ray-Ray how could you resist. Hes a speedy defensive back.

Eric Martin DE- A player with great upside and could be a solid defensive end sometime

AJ Hawkins OG- This guys been on my radar for a while could be a nice addition to the Panthers line

5th Round Talent-

Rashard Hall S- This guy plays all over the field and is a great safety

Zach Rogers WR - The next Jared Green

Jamar Taylor CB- Another good corner to help the defense

Brian Mulroe OG- A decent guard out of Northwestern

Devon Kennard DE - More depth to the defensive end

6th Round Talent-

Omar Hunter DT- a good space eater who has a lot of upside

Sanders Comings CB- A tall physical corner

Carson York OT- Oregons running game is amazing and York has been a big part of it

Michael Buchanan DE- BPA 6'6" all I have to say

TJ Pryor QB- Heres a backup QB that could play in the option system

7th Round Talent-

Branden Smith CB- Another good corner

Chris Harper WR- A solid WR

Shamarko Thomas S- Probably better than Nakumara

Graham Pocic C- If anything ever happens to Kalil again the Panthers can have a decent backup

Sio Moore LB- I would be estatic to see this guy in a Panthers uniform just a great athlete.

What do you guys think?

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