CSR 2: My but it Feels Good Being a Gangster (NSFGK [According to Jaxon]) If You Are Easily Offended, This Week May I Recomend Reading any of the Informative Articles by Son of a Newton

Can the Crazy 88's win with the biggest blowout of the week for a second time?


Sorry guys, but I am out of town so it has been hard to get this up. (That is most certainly not what she said.)

Crazy 88's put Baby in the corner by demolishing 4th and 20: 126.12 to 89.50

Dakota put Try To Catch 89 on IR: 83.28 to 58.60

The Greg Olsen Twins brought it home against Los Papel Tigres: 124.64 to 108.26

My Step Dad left A License to Kalil with Sandy britches (my Mother in law's name is Sandy, so this storm has brought me tons of enjoyment "Well, Sandy just blew NJ" has been a favorite of mine): 125.36 to 116.24

AE for QB3 refused to be moderated by Queen City Katz 99.14 to 66.80

And now, for my anger translator, Limey:

Dear all,

I come before you with a grave injustice. I will get to the squeak of the week shortly but there is something that must be addressed. A question has formulated in my mind and I must seek an answer. How does a running back score over 50 points? 50 POINTS???!!!! are you fucking kidding me?! I hope some of the chumps and silver and black pride (or whatever their pathetic blog is called) are reading this... Me, a Carolina Panthers fan is calling out your god awful raiders defense. Me who supports team that are 2-6 is saying your team is pathetic!!!! Doug Martin is a god dam rookie and he humiliated your team all day, and you laid back and took it like the little bitches you are. Now I've got all sorts of teams included all of division 4 breathing down my neck because of your pathetic excuse for a run defense. Excuse's i hear ALAC cry, I'm going to overtake you in two weeks I hear Dipen promise, Bhahahahaha I hear from our @noble and most gracious leader@. I hear it all.

Never before have the redcoats faced such adversity, but never before have he stakes been so high. We shall fight you in the streets, and in the towns. We shall fight you on the beaches. Providing I never have to rely on the raiders defense again we shall never surrender. However, after the beating the redcoats took last one week one thing is clear.... they have shamed the uniform and must earn back their prestigious title. More to follow.

now the squeak of the week, where my great friend Dipen won by the skin of his teeth and potentially salvaged something from his pathetic excuse for a season. Yahoo projections now have Out of bounds finishing top of division 2... But if there's one thing I've learned its that predictions by Yahoo are meant to be broken... My step dad taught me that. Anyway the Game :-

License to Kalil 105.04 vs Out of Bounds 105.86

If only Sam had played Jaquizz Rodgers... if only. But what a cracking game, right down to the wire. I thought my own teams failings wouldn't matter but Out of bounds came up with the important victory and saved their season. Carson Palmer really proved his worth by stepping and delivering the goods (shame his defense couldn't do the same eh?) This league remains wide open despite Oi2 having a one game lead. So many teams are in this, it truly is up for grabs.... there's not enough room in the playoff's for all of us... time will decide our fates.


Thank you, Limey.

And God Bless America (and the Crazy 88's)


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