Panthers vs. Redskins: Key Plays From the Film Room

Rob Carr

The past week has produced some changes in the GIF department so I'm not sure if this series of posts is going to pan out like I had hoped.

Being able to request and receive GIF's from game tape to use for educational purposes was one of the best new developments at CSR in my view. I was really having fun with those. Unfortunately the NFL decided to piss on our parade. My requests for GIFs, in particular the 82 yard catch by Armanti Edwards, were denied! Per the SBN legal department they are just normal highlights with nothing 'remarkable' and therefore off limits. Their words not mine so take it up with them AE fans!

Yeah I'm disappointed but the final word is still being developed so I'm hoping cool heads prevail and we get to use highlights in some fashion. So this what we are left with, the scintillating footage of...



The ref getting plunked in the eye inadvertently (or was it?). Woo whoo! I'm sure those of you that missed the game are ecstatic I have filled you in on this remarkable footage. Let me clear I'm am not faulting the SBN team producing this work, they do a great job working all weekend to put this stuff out. I just hope we can work out some kind of compromise.

Not to be out done by the 'eye catch' is the 'Ref under center' fiasco:



I still don't know WTF happened with that and why we got the delay of game penalty. I call shenanigans on it.

Now if RG3 is involved and he does something acrobatic...well that is okay too:



See what happens when three Panthers converge trying to lay a hit on the same player? Let's call that the Keech Copter!

If you look back at this game the fact is the game was devoid of flashy plays. I counted three for the Panthers: the Williams TD run, the Smitty TD catch, the Edwards catch. The Redskins had a couple nice runs and a short TD run. Zero turnovers and good defense defined this game.

Speaking of defense though, here is one last GIF that I'm probably not supposed to include but eff it! I'm feeling rebelious plus I'm a firm believer in the "Better to seek forgiveness than ask permission!' mantra provided my kids don't try to use it on me. ;)

Just a very nice play by 2nd year CB Josh Thomas at the point of attack to prevent the TD:



So there you go with this week's GIFs.

Please know my criticism in this post is really tongue in cheek and I'm hopeful we will continue with the use of GIFs going forward. As I was writing this post the mothership provided some new guidelines so I might be able to put another GIF together later this week.

Keep Pounding!

This post is sponsored by Jack in the Box.

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