From the Film Room: Old School Edition

Grant Halverson

This week's film room analysis brings an 'old school' theme. Since I went completely negative last week I'm going to go in the other direction. When I reviewed at the positive from this game I found my theme. The Panthers key plays on offense, and when I say 'key' I mean well timed in addition to being good yardage. The Panthers key plays were staples of an old school offensive play.

The first one is in my view the best way to slow down a rabid pass rush. It's 1st and 10 with 12:22 in the second quarter and the Bucs had started to bring more pressure. The Panthers executed their response perfectly:



This play created the momentum that led to a Panther TD by Stewart. It should be a play the Panthers run every quarter and be very good at executing if they truly want to play to Stewart's strengths. I think Chud needs to go 'Old School' a little more to stop a pass rush given how porous our pass blocking can be at times.

This next play is what we should have seen the prior week against the Broncos. I mean, if you are going to design offensive plays around your QB's strengths and the primary strength is mobility then make the QB run:



Now this might not have been a designed roll out which actually makes it an even better play. When Newton gets free from the pocket the defense has to react. It opens up lanes because defenders have to attack to address the threat of running. Newton then makes a nice throw on the run to a crossing Steve Smith for a nice gain. It's the kind of play that demoralizes a defense, a QB roll out that gives him the option of running for yardage or throwing on the run.

Again, the QB roll out is 'old school QB ing'. Which brings me to the old school video of the week. When some says 'scrambling QB' my first thought is my childhood idol Fran Tarkenton. It's a 5 minute video with the other player comments my favorite part.

Top 10 Scramblers of all time - Fran Tarkenton (via VikingsChannel)

Yes, I was Vikings fan living in St. Pete, FL in the late 70's before the Bucs came around. But that's a whole other story....

Continuing with our theme of old school scrambling Newton gives us our final GIF. I like this one in particular because it demonstrates some very nice pocket awareness as he scrambles:



Newton sees the gap up front, squeezes through and then hits LaFell who sat down in an opening. Another play that has been around since the forward pass was invented. When Newton does these things the offense moves. He can mix in a few pocket passes of course but in the end you have to get this guy running.

So that's this week From the Film Room.

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