My way to fix the panthers this offseason If i were GM

1. Get Chris Gamble ,Jordan Gross ,Ryan Kalil and Charles Johnson to take a pay cut because the panthers salary cap is very tight for next year.

2. Attempt to trade Jon Beason for draft picks. If nobody wants him cut him because he is always on IR and because we have Luke Kuechly. Also attempt to trade Deangelo for draft picks and if no one wants him cut him because we have to much money invested in the running backs.We should get at least a couple of mid to late round picks for themm both.

3. Re sign Steve Smith and Captain Munnerlyn to short term affordable contracts since their contracts are set to expire at end of year.

4.In Free Agency don't break the bank for anyone.

5.If the draft was today the Panthers would have #3 overall pick and the Chiefs,Jaguars would have the top two picks and would likely draft Geno Smith and Jarvis Jones. So that leaves Matt Barkey still available The Panthers could then trade back with Arizona who desperately needs a quarterback and who has the #10 overall pick. we would trade our #3 overall pick and next years 5th round pick to them for their #10 overall pick and we would also get their second round pick and 3rd round pick. we don't have our 3rd round pick because we traded it for Joe Adams. so our picks would be like this

1st round: Taylor Lewan (offensive tackle from Michigan)

2nd round: Brandon Jenkins(defensive end from Florida St) (From Arizona)

2nd round: Jesse Williams (defensive tackle from Alabama) (From Arizona)

3rd round: Bacarri Rambo ( free safety from Georgia)

4th round: Logan Ryan ( cornerback from Rutgers University)

5th round: Marcus Davis ( wide receiver from Virginia Tech)

6th round: Zeke Motta ( strong safety from Notre Dame)

7th round: Dustin Hopkins ( kicker from Florida St) Reason for each pick Taylor Lewan - Because Jordan Gross is getting old and Byron Bell is getting destroted every week. Brandon Jenkins- he said recently he would enter the draft this year even though he has a lisfrantic injury which is going to keep him out of the first round. so i figured we could transition him to outside linebacker where he could have a Von Miller type impact.

Jesse Williams- because he is the best DT on the board in the second round because John Jenkins, Sylvester Williams ,Sheldon Richardson, Star Lolutelue, and Jonathan Hankins have already been drafted and he's gotta be bettter than any DT on the panthers roster right now.

Bacarri Rambo- he has ideal height and he's a pretty good tackler great closing speed and very good against the vertical passing game. He would be a lock to go in the first 2 rounds if it wasnt for off the field incidents. But he is way better than Haruki Nakumara so i say its worth the risk. he could be a starter right away

Logan Ryan - good size, good ball skills ,average speed ,decent in man coverage but the panthers play mainly zone anyway. he could develop into a number 2 corner to form a nice tandem with Josh Norman once he develops. he wil fall because he is not having a good year.

Marcus Davis- 6'4, good speed but drops fairly easy passes and not a really good route runner but he helps with depth. Zeke Mottah- very hard hitter and good tackler could compete with charles godfrey for starting job but he has character issues and not ideal speed.

Dustin Hopkins- we need a kicker and this dude has a very strong leg he is very clutch and has only missed 6 field goals in his 4 year career. he kicked the 55 yard game winning field goal in 2011 against Clemson.

So in this draft the defense would get way better especially the secondary could you imagine Charles Godfrey Bacarri Rambo Josh Norman Chris Gamble and Logan Ryan on the field at the same time. we will be able to have another real good pass rusher besides Greg Hardy and Charles johnson because of Brandon Jenkins. and we could easily have a top 5 linebacking core with Thomas Davis ,Luke Kuechly, Brandon Jenkins and the offensive line would be set for now with Gross, Silatulu, Lewan, Kalil, Campbell and we would finally have a kicker. we would have one of the best defenses for years to come.

Tell me What ya'll think

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