CSR League 2 FFL review week 11 – This time its personal. (Not fit for human consumption or safe for children, Offensive... please dont read) For actual informative articles please see CyberJags great series on the possible future HC of our team

To kick things off, Oi2dawrld thought he could duck out his defeat last week by blaming ‘technical difficulties’. Well nice try Drew but you aint alone at the top anymore. Also a little advice for AE for QB3 from week 10, next time you bring it….. bring it harder. But that’s all in the past, time to review the present.

Another week another Dollar said absolutely nobody, but week 11 is in the books and the results are in:-

Crazy 88’s caused some serious family issues bending My step Dad over and having his way 115.24 vs 72.10 – Snapping ALACs 4 game winning streak and maybe his playoff aspirations. ALAC what a pathetic excuse of a performance.... Just shit. Oi2 you sir should go fornicate with a blender.... it will be less painful to your pride than losing top spot to me next week.

In a battle of two nearly men Out of Bounds came out on top against AE for QB3 118.34 vs 81.28. Incredibly despite a 5-6 record AE for QB3 languishes in 10th place and needs some serious luck to make the final 6. AE are you actually serious?? Losing to Dipen is like losing to a leggless midget in a high jumping contest.

A licence to Kalil backed up his big talking tag line by beating The Greg Olsen twins 99.72 vs 72.60. It was a game the twins needed but they couldn’t get it done. Speaking of Greg Olsen’s Twins…. Both babies are home safe now following little TJ Olsen’s successful heart surgery- Congrats Olsen family.

The Queen City Cats needed a win and came up big beating Dakota 88.32 vs 62.04. Both teams are now level at 6-5 in a four way tie duking it out for the last few playoff places. Its too close to call, it’s intense…. It’ll all be decided in the next 2 weeks.

Finally Los Papel Tigres pulled a victory out of nowhere to beat 4th and 20 79.66 vs 62.04. God bless you San Fran, you saved the day for the dozens and dozens of Tigres fans out there in CSR. I did it again, British dominance is back on the menu and its all you can eat

Without further ado- the SQUEAK OF THE WEEK!!!

CamDaBatteringRam failed to in his attempt to try and catch 89 losing 78.70 vs 67.70 – Try to catch 89 claimed their second victory in what can only be seen as a consolation prize now. The loss is a bitter blow to Cametc leaving them 9th. Honestly this match is pretty irrelevant

That’s my round up complete, but before you all sound off and verbally sodomise each other mercilessly I’ll leave you with a new late season addition called:-

‘Stick a Fork in them’

The section celebrates two teams out of the race- the official losers of CSR 2 if you will. For now, only 2 teams… I give you, your champions of fail Try to catch 89 and 4th and 20. Examining the draft day projections reveals that 4th and 20 was predicted to go 10-3 and make the playoffs but much like the Carolina Panthers have been unable to match expectations.

Remember folks it’s the winning that counts, not the taking part. ATTACK

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