Carolina Panthers Vs. Chicago Bears: Defensive preview

"Mom always says I need to finish my vegetables before I can have ice cream." - Eric P. Mull-US PRESSWIRE

What can our Panthers do here?

The Chicago Bears are boasting an offensive trio of Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, and Matt Forte. Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers have a rag-tag group of scrappy youngsters, guys who just want a shot! This one is going to be fun.

Every great TV show reaches a point where the show is becoming stagnant, and things need to be shaken up. The Carolina Panthers are this program. Marty Hurney is gone, the future is unsure, and now we get to bask in the dying days of a star about to go supernova. Like those floundering shows, we get treated to another 10 weeks where bizarre guests are brought in each week, and the plot lines can range from a crazy uncle trying to teach us a lesson, an after school special, or even a haunting Halloween special. Let the good times roll Panther faithful, and enjoy this crazy ride!

X-Factor: Defenders who were taken in the first two rounds of the draft

You go Carolina Panthers!

It doesn't mean a whole lot that Carolina only have four defenders on their entire roster taken in the first two rounds of the draft, but boy... isn't that kooky and fun! It's like an ode to Marty Hurney that we have so little early round defensive talent on a team that has been building through the draft for the past decade. Can't even be mad at it anymore, it is what it is, and lets enjoy it.

Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, and Charles Godfrey all need to step up on Sunday. In recent weeks all three have been playing at a high level, and that's a good thing, because otherwise Matt Forte (who is playing very well) will eat them alive.

Edge: Who are we kidding folks? Bears

Chicago pass offense Vs. Carolina pass defense

Have you ever experienced a time where you've been laying on the beach all day, drinking beer, and generally being lazy as hell-- then, the football thrown by a a teenager rolls by, begging to be tossed back? This is your time to shine, to recapture your youth. You pat the ball, attempt to lead the receiver, and then the ball slips out the side of your hand, travels 15-yard to your left, and rolls end-over-end into the ocean.

This is how Jay Cutler throws the ball.

Alright, so maybe lord-pouty face doesn't throw that badly, but there's no way of knowing which Jay Cutler will show up. Some games he looks dominant, others he looks completely lost. Maybe this is the time the Panthers will step up and show what they're made of!

Edge: Man... who are we kidding? Bears

Chicago Bears run offense Vs. Carolina run defense

Here's where stuff gets a little better. Luke Kuechly is a golden god at middle linebacker, and Thomas Davis is confronting the ACLs of season past head on to look dominant on Sundays. Pair that with two defensive tackles who enjoy participating in Sunday's games, not simply watching, and it's a recipe for possibility!

Last time Matt Forte played the Carolina Panthers his ship came in-- single handed justifying a new contract, as he ran his way to over 200 yards. Alright Matt, it's time for real talk. We need this one. We need this one a lot more than you do. Your windy city bear animals are flying high, we're selling our proverbial bodies, and rooting through air conditioners for copper. You know what do you.

Edge: Pleading doesn't work... Bears

Final thoughts

These previews are all doom and gloom, I understand that-- but they probably should be.

The Carolina Panthers are like Monty Python's Black Knight. They may not have any limbs left, but watch out-- they'll bite your kneecaps! All we can hope is that the Panthers are entertaining, and we see progression from the rookies. This is circa 2010 fan survival mode, and everything is a little easier when you keep it punchy.

Final score: Bears 31 - Panthers 14
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