Watch this weeks episode of "Run for Your Life", as Cam Newton is mauled by Bears reported (from a Joe Person Twitter) late last night that C/OG Jeff Byers (a 2011 UDFA, who couldn't make a roster until this season) will replace fellow UDFA Byron Bell at RG this week (he's practiced at RG this week). Bell will return to RT, after as Joe Person twittered, "Bell graded out poorly at guard against Dallas, ...". This can't go on for very long. The Panthers must find (read trade for) a more qualified replacement at RG, or Cam probably won't last out the season.

Perhaps the move of Bell back to RT was dictated by the Bears great pass rush from the Bears DE's (12.5 sacks), but their whole D-Line (19 sacks) provides a great pass rush, and they have a team total of 21 sacks (2 by LB's) so far this season. On the surface, the Panthers have done an OK job in pass protection, allowing only 15 sacks so far (the Cardinals have allowed 35 sacks, Packers 26, with no more than 21 by other teams), 19th fewest sacks in the NFL so far. However, Cam is the most pressured QB in the NFL so far, with 21.6% pressures on his passing attempts (this is a Monday ESPN TV stat). Here is where the Bears get their sacks from:

3.5 - DE Julius Peppers

3.5 - DE Israel Idonija

3.0 - DE Corey Wootton

2.5 - DE Shea McClellin

4.5 - DT Henry Melton

1.0 - DT Amobi Okoye

1.0 - NT Stephen Paea

0.0 - NT Matt Toeaine

As you can see from these sack numbers, unlike the Cowboys, where you stop Ware, and you've stopped their pass rush, the Bears pass rush comes from almost their whole D-Line, even their backups. As a result of this, a team can't just focus on stopping 1 or 2 pass rushers, and you don't even get a brake when the backups come in to give the starters a rest. So don't be shocked if Peppers gets 2 or 3 sacks, Melton 2, Idonija 1, and maybe 2 sacks by the backup D-Linemen. I think the over under on Bears sacks this week should probably be 5 sacks, because they should get at least 4 sacks, but maybe not more than 5, if the Panthers are lucky.

My prediction may sound harsh, but remember that the Panthers O-Line starts an all UDFA right side of the O-Line, with basically rookie OG's (Bayers didn't play last year, and has played very little this year). That only leaves veteran's, LT Jordan Gross (whos talent is now declining), and C Geoff Hangartner, who's returning to C for the first time in a few years, and wasn't playing that well at RG. The Bears are on a high after Monday night's near shutout of the Lions. With the Panthers playing musical chairs on the right side of their O-Line, if things go wrong, things could get very ugly, very fast. If that does happen, we could see a sack record tested, with 8 or more sacks.

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