If Rivera Gets The AX Here Are My Favorite Candidates

Now that Marty Hurney has been fired many speculate that Ron Riveras next to get the ax. After the Cowboys loss I have been looking up people who I think would turn this team around. I haven't lost all faith in Rivera but the fans are demanding wins and that is just not happening, the next three games are not the easiest either (Bears, Redskins and Broncos). Here are some people I think would be good replacements:

Offensive minds: Jay Gruden: Jay has a lot of experience leading an offense and is ready for his first shot at head coaching in the NFL. He is currently the offensive coordinate for 2nd year quarterback Andy Dalton and that young offense. I think he would be a good fit and would help bring the offense back to the way it played last year.

Jon Gruden: The Gruden family has two offensive genius's that I would want to coach the Panthers. Jon had offensive success in Tampa Bay the problem was the defense. If you look at his resume he has done so many different jobs on offense he would be able to improve the Panthers offense. His final record as a head coach was 100-85.

Dabo Swinney: Dabo is the head coach of Clemson and has recruited (not that you can recruit in the NFL) some pretty explosive players on the offensive side of the ball. In my opinion he is a great coach and would help the Panthers out a lot.

Greg Olson: Panthers fans have been complaining about how predictable the play-call has been this year. Olson runs a balanced offense down in Tampa and has helped develop some decent players such as Josh Freeman, Mike Williams and LaGarrette Blount. Each year their offense is looking better and better and he could definitely help the Panther out if he would agree to coach the division rivals of the team he is on now.

Richardson has a history of hiring defensive minded coaches so here are the defensive minded coaches on my list:

Perry Fewell: This man is always being interviewed for jobs and has a good resume. He is the current defensive coordinator of the Giants, a defensive line factory. Another upside is he is from North Carolina so he would probably be interested in a coaching job here.

Rob Ryan: The Panthers interviewed Ryan last time and probably would still be interested. Ryan is the Cowboys defensive coordinator who would bring a lot of personality and experience to the Panthers and would help the Panthers keep up the good defense.

Wade Phillips: The Texans defense is really good this year and you have to give a lot of the credit to Wade Phillips, who is the defensive coordinator for the Texans and also has head coaching experience. He coached the Cowboys who always have high expectations and he would be coaching a Panthers team that has high expectations.

Gus Bradley: The Panthers saw that tough Seattle defense ran by Gus Bradley this year. He turned a decent defense into one of the best. He helped develop the defensive line and the secondary, that's exactly what the Panthers needs.

These are all based on speculation. I'm not saying he will get fired. What do you guys think?

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