CSR 2: Talkin' Trashy (Updated)

And then there was one. A leader falls, but I still stand tall. An ignored lineup (AHEM!) beats an established franchise. One team wins with the narrowest margins I've ever seen, and the bye weeks keep this league close. While it's a long season, there is not a lot of chances to make up for failure.

Let's look at the scores

The Crazy 88's take over 1st place with the largest margin of victory this week taking down Try To Catch 89 107.12 to 87.12. Hey 89, Benson is on IR, go get an RB.

The Greg Olsen Twins welcome a bouncing baby win against Dakota 108.14 to 98.46

A License to Kalil wins despite ignoring his lineup (AHEM!!!) knocking the rookie Limey's Redcoats from 1st to 3rd 82.64 to 69.68

Out of Bounds pulls a Calvin Johnson and pulls in a win vs CamDaBatteringRam 109.90 to 105.46.

Queen City Katz purred to an easy win against My Step Dad 110.48 to 98.68.

Now to the most exciting Fantasy Game I've seen. I actually watched the score of this game while watching Denver pull the upset last night. When the dust settled, AE for QB3 held on for a .68 point win over 4th and 20 94.92 to 94.24

Now for Limeys SQUEAK OF THE WEEK:

The Squeak of the week

Oh dear, as much as it pains me to show my face on this thread it appears I have no choice. Why is that Limey you ask? Well readers, because the squeak of the week was a cracking game that’s why.

AE for QB3 94.94 vs 4th and 20 94.24

WOW. That’s a winning margin of just 0.68!!! And how different it could have been. …

AE now moves onto the illustrious record of 4-2, some would say the perfect place to be in this league at present. AE will be ready to pounce on any slip ups by those who consider themselves the elite of CSR 2. If only 4th and 20 had played Sidney Rice things would have been so much different, this game wouldn’t have even been the squeak of the week. Rice scored 18.10 points on the bench for 4th and 20… that sucks more than a Lady of the night from Amsterdam with 6 kids and a prolapsed vagina.

The defeat for 4th leaves him bottom of the pile and in need of some miracles if he is to make the playoffs. Some consolation for you 4th… If AE had you schedule he would currently be 1-4 so you’ve had it pretty rough, a little good news for you 4th? You play Sam’s ‘a License to Kalil who doesn’t seem to make changes to his team (Not that it stopped him from beating me this week, despite having 3 bloody players missing….. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY… don’t get me started on that)

Finally, watch were you step cuz I’m about to drop some knowledge about each team…

AE for QB3 has a 100% record against teams when he outdoes his projected score

4th and 20 now has the longest losing streak in the league with 4 straight loses

Try to Catch 89 has outscored his projected targets in 3 straight weeks but remain 1-5

Crazy 88s 4 game winning streak is good enough for highest in the league and leaves him top of csr 2

A License to Kalil would have lost to every other team this week

Limeys Redcoats defeats have both been statistical upsets (tiny glimmer of consolation for me)

Dakota can’t seem to win if an opponent beats his projected score… he’s 0-3 when that happens

The Greg Olsen Twins snapped their 3 game winning streak and now break even at 3-3

CamDaBatteringRam would have lost to just three other teams besides Out of bounds this week.

Thanks Limey.

This week we can all anticipate 2 things, wins for the Panthers and the Crazy 88's (One is not contingent on the other).

Have at it ya' savages.

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