Super No-Huddle, Perfect for Super Cam?

I found this great article "With 1 Word, Patriots' No-Huddle an NFL Marvel", by Greg Bedard today, about the future of NFL offenses, and it sounds like it was made for Cam. In fact, it points out that during Jon Gruden's pre-draft interview with Cam, where he asked Cam to call a play, and Cam said "36", that Cam is the future, and Gruden is the past.

The "future" he's talking about is a supper no-huddle offense, with huddles only when the clock is stopped, and only 1 word play calls, and here is how he describes it.

"1 word play calls tell everything, Formation, Blocking scheme, Direction, on run plays, Routes for receivers on passing plays, Shifts in formations, Snap count, Possible alerts, and Play alterations."

This idea came from Bill Walsh's late 90's book, and is used by Oregon HC Chip Kelly, who says "Sideline calls take to long. Wristbands to.". Their goal is to have less than 14 seconds or less between plays. Last year Patriots HC Bill Bellichick, and his OC Bill O'Brian (now Penn St. HC) started using this system, on a limited basis, of six 1 word play calls for each game (changing the names every game or two). Bedard cited this example of how well it worked out:

"In the 45-10 Divisional playoff victory against the Broncos, ... 33 no-huddle snaps (31 huddles), rushing for 7.3 (3 yds) per attempt, with 21 (7) first downs, 4 (2) TD's, 85% (64.2%) completions, and 11.8 (9.1 yds) yards per pass attempt."

This offensive system quickly leaves a defense with their tongues hanging out, and as Vince Lombardi said, "Fatigue makes cowards of us all". However, it's made for Cam and the Panthers. The "1 word" play call is the same as Cam's "36" play call, from the signs used at Auburn. With D-Will, J-Stew, and Tolbert, the Panthers have the quality RB's to rotate series, keeping them all fresh. They now also have the WR depth behind Smitty and LaFell, with Pilares, Gettis, Murphy, Adams, and AE, to rotate WR's in and out, keeping them fresh as well. They do however need a anothe TE, maybe one of the Standford TE's will fall to the 4th round in 2013. Using this system will probably add 15-20 extra offensive plays a game, and that means more scoring.

Here is a link to the article, read it and see what you think:

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