Panthers WR Gettis Returns to Practice Monday

Streeter Lecka - Getty Images

Panthers WR David Gettis still needed a little time to get his knee and his hamstring ready so the Panthers put him on the PUP list at the beginning of the season. Gettis is now set to return to practice this Monday and per Gettis he is ready to contribute.

Actually Gettis is more than ready:

Panthers receiver Gettis anxious to return, make impact | The Greenville News |
“They are going to put me in a position where I can help,” Gettis said.

Steve Smith said Gettis has the talent to help, but said he has to prove he can on the field. “I don’t know how much of an impact he’ll have,” Smith said. “I’m not sure. He hasn’t played in this offense, so time will tell what Gettis will bring to the table. We’re expecting him back we’ll welcome him back, but at the same time it’s going to take some time to get in competition shape. You can get in conditioning shape, but when you have guys pushing you around you have to get used to that.”

Said Gettis: “I’ll do whatever they ask of me. I just want to get back on the field.”

Want more proof? Well I noticed that he not only wants to stretch the field but contribute in other ways:

"Whether it's int he run-blocking game or someone to stretch the field, that's what they brought me in here for so that's my job," Gettis said. "I've been training really hard to get back to that."

When I saw Gettis at training camp he looked good then though he didn't do much. I do vividly remember though him catching passes off the jugs machine from up close. One think is certainly though. The Panthers have not been able to hook up deep with their WRs since game 1. I'm sure if that's more Cam, the scheme or maybe a lack of a down field threat besides Smitty. I had though Louis Murphy was said down field threat but so far they have only hit him deep once that I can recall.

Gettis is a superior athlete with nice hands and nicer speed. I would agree we need to not expect too much too soon. He probably won't even get a jersey for another couple weeks and then only get limited snaps. After admitting he rushed Joe Adams too much and you might argue Beason as well, I think Rivera will be cautious with Gettis. But down the stretch the the kid might provide a spark. I would love for that to happen sooner than later as the Panthers really need a spark. Gettis is a guy to keep an eye on.

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