CSR Fan Poll: 2012 Do Not Want Dog

With the offseason upon us its natural for fans to start focusing on which free agents and draft prospects would fit into the Panthers roster. Some people appropriately call this rosterbation (but it doesn't make you go blind). I would say about a year or two ago we here at CSR latched onto a picture used on on another SBN site that says in a simple picture what we would otherwise put into a long winded dissent in the comment thread...i.e. we use it to indicate the player mentioned is NOT one we want.

Hence the Do Not Want Dog (DNWD):


I'm thinking its time we got our own Do Not Want Dog...maybe even vote for a new one every year? So here's how I see the contest playing out...after the jump...

Contest Process:

  • Find (or even better take) a picture of a dog that you think is a suitable replacement and submit it via this comment thread, not a link but the actual picture. Multiple entries are allowed.
  • All CSR members vote for their favorite submissions via the Rec button. Check back to the thread and vote for your favorites. We will leave this post up for a week or so depending on the response
  • After the submission period is over the top 5 submissions based on CSR Editorial Staff decision will progress to the CSR member vote via a future post with a poll. The Editorial Staff will take into consideration the number of Rec's given but a high Rec count does not guarantee inclusion in the final poll. We do this so last minute submissions still have a chance.
  • The winner of the fan poll will be the CSR Do Not Dog of the Year 2012
  • We reserve the right to change the rules & regulations (not NFL R&R just be clear of Smitty) of this contest at will without warning but probably with humor.
DNWD Rules & Guidelines:
  • Keep the pictures PG-13; CSR Code of Conduct applies
  • I want dogs only, not a cat, a bat or that pink elephant following you around....though if you have some funny animal picks feel free to share just for fun
  • Extra points will be given for crazy eyes, the endearing feature of the original DNWD
  • The words 'Do Not Want' are not required on the picture but is preferred. If you don't know how to do that (like me) post the picture anyway and if its selected we will add them before posting to the poll
Sound good? So here we go. I will have an entry by the end of the weekend.
The contest is now open!

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