You Make the Call! Predicting this weekend's wild card playoff games

Hey Panther fans. Hopefully this is the last year for the next 15 or so that we will be watching the playoffs without our Cats in the fight. I finished the year picking Panthers games 11-5 as the Saints truly showed what an offensive juggernaut they are for four quarters against us. We will be better than them one day as Brees starts to slow down and Cam grows towards his own heyday, but it will take some time.

I thought it would be fun to hear your picks for the playoffs, so here are my picks, with a quick thought and a prediction for each of this weekend's four playoff battles.

1. Texans vs Bengals

Yes the Texans have lost 3 in a row, but they haven't had much to play for as they've been division champs and pretty much locked into the #3 seed for a couple of weeks now. I look back at their 7 game win streak and I see alot of impressive victories, some sans Matt Schaub. I like Houston because they are at home, they have a talented defense, and a strong running game.

Texans 20 Bengals 17

2. Saints vs Lions

The Saints have a better offense than (just about anybody and even) the Lions; the Saints have a better defense than the Lions (wow did they make Matt Flynn look like Brett Starr ; ) The Saints are at home in prime time. Enjoy the scorefest, think Baylor and Washington II.

Saints 45 Lions 27

3. Giants vs Falcons

Toughest call for me to make. If game were in the Georgia Dome it would be an easy pick for me. But it's not. Forecast is a fairly mild 40 degrees at kickoff. I'm picking the Falcons because I believe they are a clearly more talented team, and the Giants have lost to a lot of good teams this year, and are terribly inconsistent. I think they are a team possibly going in the wrong direction, limping into the playoffs? In a close one,

Falcons 28 Giants 24

4. Broncos vs Steelers

Tim Tebow is starting to get exposed the past few weeks. The Steelers' defense is so vastly better than the Broncos' offense, that alone is enough to pick them in my opinion. The Steelers' offense doesn't seem to be clicking very well this year, so I'm backpedalling a bit on my Packers Steelers Super Bowl rematch pre season prediction. But this week they will be good enough.

Steelers 24 Broncos 13

That's how I see it. How about you, Panther fans? You Make the Call,

Let's hear it!!!

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