PantherTrain's First official post season mock draft.. (top 10)

Well the season is over, the combine, pro days and the draft is upon us. Listed below is my first official 2012 NFL mock draft. I only do top 10 mocks because frankly, thats where we are picking and I can honestly care less what other teams ahead of us do unless they are involved with a trade with us. So with that said let's kick this off...

1. Indinaopolis Colts- Andrew Luck. No explanation needed, we all know the story.

2. St. Louis Rams- Justin Blackmon. Up until lastnight, I had the Rams taking Kalil,but after Blackmon's brilliant performance against Stanford, I am totally convinced Rams will pull the trigger on Justin Blackmon despite having that horrible O line.

3. Minnesota Vikings- Matt Kalil. Since I previously had Kalil mocked to the Rams I also had Morris Claiborne mocked here to the Vikings but I have a strong feeling the Vikes won't think twice about jumping all over Kalil if he is avaliable here despite the Vikings' atrocious secondary.

4. Cleveland Browns- Trent Richardson. Just today news broke on ESPN that the Browns won't commit to Mccoy being the guy in Cleveland next season, so I am very tempted to mock Robert Griffin here but for now i'm still sticking with Trent Richardson, especially considering Payton Hillis is most likely gone.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Morris Claiborne. I think this is a no brainer. Tampa Bay's defense is just plain awful and with the aging Barber and the troubled Talib, Bucs will opt to start fresh in that department and draft Claiborne.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars- Alshon Jeffery. "Jaguars WRs are [fudging] jokes"- Atlanta Falcons CB Dunta Robinson. No further explanation needed, Dunta did just fine.

7. Washington Redskins- Robert Griffin. Do they really have a choice at this point?

8. Miami Dolphins- Riley Reiff I know we are currently tied with the Dolphins and a coin toss at the combine next month will determine the pick. For now let's just assume the worst and say we get the 9th pick. Matt Moore performed suprisingly well for the Fins this season and I don't see Landry Jones being any kind of upgrade over Moore, instead Fins will do what they do best.. Draft a offensive lineman and help out Moore see more success.

9. Carolina Panthers- Dre Kirkpatrick. I must admit, after seeing how well Blackmon and Jeffery performed at the bowl games, a part of me is sad we will miss out on one of them. But then again this could be a blessing in disguise, Dre Kirkpatrick is a physical freak at 6'3, 190 Lbs and a 4.47 40 time, he would be an immediate upgrade to shore up our DB class and compliment Chris Gamble. I will say though that if Rivera & CO truly feel Hogan can be a elite CB for us, my feelings would not be hurt whatsoever if we trade up for Jeffery or Blackmon.

10. Buffalo Bills- Dontari Poe. I know, Poe isn't worth a top 10 pick. I will be perfectly honest, I know nothing about the Bills strengths or weakness and needs nor do I care to be perfectly honest. I just put Poe here as a placeholder just to complete my top 10, Poe could be a good addition to shore up their D line along side Dareus.

So there you have it folks. My first official top 10 mock draft post season. As I said previously, if Dre Kirkpatrick is there we take him. If however Dre K, Claiborne,Kalil, Blackmon and Jeffery are all gone, if i'm Marty Hurney im thinking long and hard about moving up and getting Blackmon and going all in. Let's not forget Atlanta Falcons did the same last season and landed a stud in Julio Jones. I am not saying we should give up as much as Atlanta did for Jones, but I think Hurney should be open minded. Oh and As always, discuss.

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