Prospects Carolina has shown interest in and possible trade back scenario

Over on ole they have notes regarding the Senior Bowl Practices, prospect meetings, and rumor mills. Now unless you're a guy that just can't get enough on the draft, I'd say skip the Practice notes since EFURY has been doing an excellent job in summing things up in his last few posts on the subject. However, the prospect meetings are intriguing because they talk about which teams are looking at which players. Now obviously it's too early to be putting a ton of stock on these meetings since we all know it's who we meet and interview during Pro Days and at the Combine that will better show our interest, but I think it serves some measure now to give us an idea of what positions the team seem to be focusing on. Also, one thing I did notice is that a lot of our "meetings" have been with projected later round guys (like late 3rd, 4th +). The rumor mill posts also have juicy caveats in them as well, if you're interested. Anyway, I just thought I'd share with you guys the reported Carolina prospect meetings and rumor mill bits.

Prospect Meetings 1-25: Carolina - Cincinnati defensive end/tackle Derek Wolfe

Rumor Mill 1-24: University of Regina (Canada) defensive tackle Akiem Hicks landed on a number of teams' radar at the East-West Shrine Game last week. In speaking to sources this week, a few teams have serious interest in Hicks. Those teams include the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks.

Prospect Meetings 1-24: Carolina - Troy offensive tackle James Brown, Vanderbilt cornerback Casey Hayward and Texas defensive tackle Kheeston Randall / Carolina - Appalachian State wide receiver Brian Quick and Ohio State wide receiver DeVier Posey

Prospect Meetings 1-23: Carolina - Cal offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz and Marshall defensive end Vinny Curry

So from these notes it appears like we could be considering adding to our O-Line, D-Line, and WR depth with some late round guys. So for me, if I were to do a mock, the only thing I would take out of this is that if these are the positions we're considering late then I would guess that CB and LB may be the positions we're considering for our 1st and 2nd rounders.

OH! And I haven't yet seen a mock with this mentioned but I think there's one key team that would likely be high on trading up for Trent Richardson and whom we have a good trading relationship with. The New York Jets. Seriously, think about it. We're pick 8 or 9 and they're pick 16. Based on the Redskins trade with the Jaguars last year (pick 10 for pick 16 and the Jags 2nd), there is already a precedence for this range of trading. The Jets were always the best when they were in their "ground and pound" years. LT is a FA and Shone Greene just has not been very good in his career. With the upset in the locker room between Sanchez and Holmes Rex could look to go back to this mode to alleviate the pressure on Sanchez and revert back to their true identity, This could be like the Revis trade where they just HAVE to acquire TR.

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