Draft and Free Agency Options

So today I shall join everyone else in the rosterbation. First I'll start with the Draft after the jump, then move into free agency.

So first, let's start with draft.

1st round, I have us trading back from 8th (having won the toss with the Dolphins) to the 11th pick with the Seahawks, who want a QB and are afraid Miami will pick up the QB they are after before they have their chance. So in the trade we gain Seattle's second round pick.

So with Pick number 11 we select Dre Kirkpatrick - CB from Alabama, 6'2", 190 Lbs. Analysis: With taking Dre Kirkpatrick we shore up the second corner spot opposite of Chris Gamble, moving Munnerlyn and Butler back to where they are best which would be the nickle spot. While some say Dre Kirkpatrick (Even though due to his recent run in with the law this might change) might be gone before the 11th, I'm just going to point back to last years draft where Prince Amukamara slid all the way to 18th after being projected to go as early as 7th overall. There also seems to be some debate as to whether or not he'll play safety or corner, well, we need a guy at both positions so whether or not he'll be a great corner or a great safety, we could use him.

Now for the second round, with our own second round pick, I see us taking Brandon Thompson - DT from Clempson, 6'2", 310 Lbs. Analysis: Thompson would shore up the middle of the line, he has the ability to get a great push on the line, while he doesn't have a great sack total, he disrupts the pocket and can stop running back behind the line.

And for the 11th pick (acquired in a trade with Seattle) in the second round, Brian Quick - WR from App State. At 6'4, 216, (Disclaimer, I am not an App Fan) Brian Quick gives us a deep threat jump ball guy, he has a similar skill set to Calvin Johnson, he has great hands, can out jump most DBs, and is a very physical receiver. While some might say we should go defense, or that Quick isn't worth a second round pick, I'm just going to say that we have already added a DT and a Corner with our first two picks and Brian Quick has a great amount of potential.

Now for Free Agency, I'm going to go with a guy I'm really hooked on, and that is Tyvon Branch, safety currently playing with Oakland. Branch has had three straight years where he has exceeded 100 tackles in the season, so unlike our current safeties, the guy can wrap up and make a tackle. As for my other Free agent signings I have Matt Prater, Kicker who currently plays in Denver, the guy has a history of making clutch kicks (whether that is due to the fact that Tebow just wins, I don't know) and he has a decent leg, making 3 out of 4 kicks from 50 yards out.

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