Carolina Corner - My Panther Swag!

Trying to post pictures.... not sure if this works so if it doesn't will an editor please fix it so that it does work....

First is a shot of of the jerseys I have hanging. The one on the left is a special edition one from Starter for the Panthers Inaugural year, it's just a bit too small for me to wear now. The one on the right is a replica jersey my wife had made for me for Christmas last year. She had seen me playing Madden 2011 and I had myself as the QB of the Panthers. The final one is an authentic Cam Newton jersey I got for Christmas this year. I had been bugging her about getting me one since Cam trucked the Cincinatti defender in the preseason for his first TD.


This is the sign I made for the home game against the Falcons:


My 2 Cam Newton action figures, my Steve Smith variant, Topps Cam Newton and Steve Smith card to match the figures, and my special rookies edition Cam Newton card, in protective sleeve. I got the Cam Newton in its pack for Christmas and I wanted to open it up and put it on display so bad, but my dad told me that the way Cam Newton is looking as a rookie he's bound to be great and taking it out of the package wouldn't be a good idea. If I went to a game and got it signed by Cam there's no telling how much it could be worth 5 or 10 years later.... He had a point...but I still wanted to display Cam Newton since there's only 3000 of them..... so with some money I got for Christmas, I went on ebay and bought a Cam Newton-Steve Smith lot for 70 bucks, free shipping. Didn't seem like too bad a deal since a Cam Newton alone goes for 30 to 50 plus shipping, and Steve Smith variant usually goes for 20 to 40 plus shipping on ebay.


My 2 Carolina Panthers caps I wear but hang in the corner when I'm not wearing them. The camouflage one I found at a flea market in 2007. The blue one I got in 2011....or I should say it was bought for me. My wife and I got married on Oct 09, 2011,..... same day as the Saints game, thank God for DVR..... anyways my in-laws were down for the wedding and a bit after. Her stepdad (the browns fan) and I went to a sports store in the mall because he wanted to get his nephews some NFL apparel. While we were there, the blue cap caught my attention along with the Cam Newton jerseys....but I had rent to pay so I didn't buy it. We got out of the store and he showed me the things he had got and he pulled out the Panthers cap for me. It's been my primary cap since, especially since it goes so well with the jerseys.


And last is a shot of the Carolina Corner altogether:


I had been thinking about making a spot for all my Panthers stuff but had to go to work early. I came home from work and the first thing I see when I walk in is this little Panthers shrine right next to our tv in the living room.... I just hope we don't get robbed because I know that little corner will be the first thing they go for....and yes that is a Carolina Panthers pillow pet. My wife got it for me as a before wedding gift. I named him Cardiac and he sits on the couch and faces the TV when Panthers games are on.

Lastly, I think I may have missed the Do Not Want Dog contest, but I'm just gonna throw this pic in here for consideration for any other phrase. The cat kinda makes me think of when Steve Smith went off on that Saints defender this year after the late hit on the TD.


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