You Make the Call! Predicting this weekend's Divisional Playoff Games

I went 2-2 last week. There I said it. Full disclosure. There's something about Tebow and Fox beating the Pittsburgh Steelers that takes the confidence out of one's prediction making. Kudos to those who went 3-1 (no one who posted on my post last week got all 4 games right). Though I picked the Giants to lose, I was happy to see the Falcons lose decisively and in the process lose their OC Mike Mularkey. I guess the Jaguars really need a Head Coach able to get that 2 points out of their offense on a regular basis (where is that sarcasm font?)

OK, here we go.

1. Texans at the Ravens. I pick this one first because it seems the easiest. To me at least. TJ Yates can't beat the Ravens in Baltimore. Then again, Tim Tebow can't beat the Steelers defense, right? (sigh)

Ravens 27 Texans 13

2. Broncos at the Patriots. I watched the first time these two teams played this year. It was ugly. But last week's win against the Steelers was impressive for the Broncos. I'm going to keep on picking against my brother in the Lord this week, but after last week, who knows? I hope Von Miller knocks Tom Brady's block off and the Broncos' run continues. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for coach John Fox. And yeah, the guy really is a great game manager.

Patriots 31 Broncos 17

OK, now for the hard ones.....

3. Saints at the 49ers.

Again, my confidence is shaky right now, but here is my take on this game. The 49ers look to me like the prototype #2 seed that overperformed in the regular season and then loses in the divisional round. The Saints are prone to being upset, but I don't believe it will happen two years in a row. They will not take the Niners lightly like they did the Seahawks last year. I pick the Saints offense over the 49ers defense, even in a road playoff game.

Saints 31 49ers 17

4. Giants at the Packers. Let me be clear here: if the Giants were playing ANY other team in the NFL on Sunday, I would pick them to win. They have the potential to go on the same kind of run that brought them a Super Bowl victory a few years back. Their defensive line is great, their running game is suddenly effective, and Eli has a very talented bunch of receivers. If it were anybody but Aaron Rodgers, anywhere but Lambeau, I would be jumping on the Giants bandwagon as a Super Bowl sleeper pick right now. But, unfortunately for the Giants, that's who they play on Sunday. If the Pack does not win the Super Bowl this year, it's because they lose this week. But I really like Aaron Rodgers right now.

Packers 31 Giants 28

That's how I see it. How about you Panther fans? You make the call!

Let's hear it!!!

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