best player available at our top two picks... thoughts on it anyway, hehe

top options for our top two picks:

this is probably the last year we get to pick in the top 10 during the Pax Newtonia (latin for "Peace of Newton") that will likely wash over the Carolina Panther fanbase over the next decade and a half without mortgaging the farm (ala the hated Atlanta Falcons circa 2011). For that reason, it is ABSOLUTELY essential that we get a quality playmaker for years to come. with this saavy fanbase the Panthers have - they have to know we aren't going to offer anymore Clausenesque sympathy votes for piss-poor draft picks now that our team is finally headed in an enjoyable direction again.

Hurney recently commented on BPA in the draft, and that's the way you've got to go, honestly. you just CAN NOT afford to reach for players who lack the potential and fit for the panthers. these top two picks are VERY VALUABLE. even moreso than say, adding Vincent Jackson and Tamba Hali during the offseason. idk. that kind of makes me want to cream thinking about, but we really do need starters out of these two picks. however, BPA is different for every team. for instance - trent richardson. he may be at number two or three on mel kiper's big board or whatever, but when our coaching staff is evaluating talent and concocting their own best value chart, i guarantee a lot of evaluation time will spent on our areas of need - in my mind and in this order - an elite passing rushing guy who put his hand in the dirt and blast off of the end or stand up and shoot a gap and get in the air on quick releases, an elite playmaker on either side of the ball outside, defensive back help to shore up the back end and explosiveness in the special teams game. you could switch the last two if you knew martin will be alright, which i honestly don't doubt once you get beason, edwards a pass rush and another great cover guy the way i just prescribed. in fact, if you add the second coming of devin hester i like keeping martin around at 700k and hoping he takes offense to getting runover by reggie wayne and trains to get better. therefore, as i'm concocting my panther draft board, those are the type of players i'm looking at to assign BPA to, if that makes sense...

in my mind, the best options at these two picks are - throwing out Luck, rg3, kalil, blackmon, claiborne and richardson on the assumption they'll be gone or we won't go in that direction - without order:

1st pick - a. dre kirkpatrick, b. alshon jeffrey, c. vontaze burfict, d. courtney upshaw, e. jonathan martin, f. whitney mercilus, * - melvin ingram.

all of these players are deserving of this pick in my mind based on physical attributes, collegiate performance and filling an area of need on this roster. i haven't watched them all extensively, but i've seen tape on them all, and i've got to say that the two gamecocks may be the two best options. ingram in particular just seems like an antwon applewhite-type athletic guy that this coaching staff would love to have to run its hybrid 4-3 3-4 envisioned flex defense, as does merciless, the nation's top sack total guy. martin i love, but i also love otah and like garry williams, so... kirkpatrick is going to be a guuhreat nfl tackler and may even cover though i doubt it. i see him as a safety, honest. finally, there's burfict, who i honestly think is the best-tooled player in this draft behind mr. i grew up on a nfl sideline in stanford and mr. champion hurdler at baylor. neither of whom we need at this point, though rg3 packages with cam on the field would be absolutely disgusting, hehe... i see him as the smart pick to play weakside, inside 3-4, middle 4-3 in relief and eventually inherit if anything goes wrong. he's violent, mean, just everything i love in a defender. i didn't speak on jeffrey, though i relent he may fit more than ingram or burfict... just wow!!! watch some tape, and picture cam throwing it up in his general vicinity. i honestly could envision him doing for us what megatron does for detroit. i really can. many of these guys may be available later i feel, which would set up perfect for rg3 or trent richardson to fall to us and we work something out for multiple picks. i'd really like that!

2nd pick - as you know, this is where it gets dicey, because you don't know who's going to be there. for my purposes, i'm going to do a little wishlist of guys who reasonably could be there - a. janoris jenkins, b. mark barron, c. mohammed sanu, d. kendall wright, e. mike adams, f. stephon gilmore, g. dwight jones, h donta hightower and * ronnell lewis.

okay, i warned you guys this is shaded to my perception, but somehow i feel my obsessive predeliction for big, tough, fast linebackers is shared by my soul brother ron rivera and this may very well look a lot like their evaluations. ronnell lewis is the guy assuming you don't get that guy in the first, flying off the end, putting a hand in the dirt, dirtying up drew brees and putting a concussion on matt ryan so we don't see the no-huddle in the third again... i just love that guy, he's great. if we've already got that guy in the first, my biggest wish would be to bring sanu to charlotte - if we don't get vincent jackson that is, of course. janoris jenkins would be adequate to throw in the mix with gamble, hogan and munnerlyn - who will be the only ones back, i suspect, as would gilmore. adams and jones are both intriguing, and wright is for a whole other reason, but i've got to say that mark barron could fit an area of need by coming in at strong safety and covering up gonzalez and graham, putting hits on in run support AND sliding godfrey to a more natural safety position and giving us martin to work the line of scrimmage, or to just punt which it seems like they may want to. i want him for another year. he's cheap and could come around. hightower is a sleeper on my list. that guy could come in and fit the beast mode mold we need in the front-seven. he's got the tools.

in the later rounds, i have particular guys i want, and there seems to be agreement from other posts. i want the sproles-like kick returner slash scatback and i know they're looking for that guy, i want the burly punter who will boom it down the field and do some directional work, i also want the speedy linebacker-type who gets down the field on punts, but we may have him with phillips or williamsX2 and i just don't know it for sure and i want the db nobody knows/got hurt/got arrested that will tantalize us with his camp and development. i think he's there too.

what do you guys think? is there any combo of two of these guys on these lists you'd like the most? for me, i'd have to say burfict/sanu. they just both seem so polished, though i wouldn't balk at any of them. kalil's my guy if he slips and i think we could flip rg3 or trent and fall back for our d-fense prospect. you agree?

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