WR 6-4, 225, 4.3 40 time enters Supplemental Draft

The NFL's Supplemental Draft will be held July 12th, and 8 players have entered the draft, but the pick of the crop is ex-Baylor WR Josh Gordon (6-4, 225, 40 time in 4.3's or 4.4's). Gordon was suspended after his 2010 season at Baylor (42 catches, for 714 yards, a 17 yard average, and 7 TD's), due to a drug arrest, and transfered to Utah, but was required to set out the 2011 season. Here are some comments about Gordon.

Dan Brugler (NFL Draft "Gordon has tremendous speed and natural athleticism ..."

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Darin Gantt (Pro Football Talk) - "(...Gordon) has been clocked in the low 4.3-second range while at Baylor."

David Jeremiah ( - "Gordon has good speed and looks like a pro receiver." Jeremiah (he's worked for 2 NFL teams) adds, "...(NFL teams) generally knock a player down a round if they are in the supplemental draft. ... it would be surprising to see Gordon taken in the first 2 rounds."

So according to David Jeremiah, Gordon likely may go in the 3rd round, but you never know, not having played since his 42 catch 2010 season (his only productive season), with his previous drug arrest, and his reason for leaving Utah unclesr, perhaps he could fall past the 3rd round. The Redskins might like to take Gordon in the 3rd round, to re-unite him with RGIII.

Would the Panthers be interested in drafting Gordon if he fell to them in the 4th round, or later? I think the Panthers seem happy with the WR's they have right now, but 2010 draft isn't nearly as deep as in WR talent as the 2011 draft was, and he might be a bigger, more healthy version of WR David Gettis. About the only 2012 WR matching those numbers outside of the top 10-15 players is Virginia Tech's WR Marcus Davis (6-4, 228, 4.44-40), but Virginia Tech's players speed is often exaggerated.

Here is a list of the other 7 players that will be in the Supplemental Draft, though TCU RB Ed Wesley (5-9, 200) might be drafted in the 7th round. The rest of the players bio's read like someone "The Replacements" movie.

DB Quayton Ewin (Bosie St.) - He has only started 4 games, and was dropped from the program.

RB Adam Harris (Syracuse) - Has had multiple concussions.

OT Adrian Haughton (Iowa St.) - He played for the AFL's Orlando Predators.

LB Larry Lumpkin (Carson-Newman) - Dismissed for poor accademics.

DE Montez Robinson (Georgia) - 6-5, 240, he hasn't played since he was suspended in December of 2009, and he wound up doing jail time.

WR Tuminelio McMurry (Houston) - He bounced between 3 colleges before Houston, and never produced at any of the four.

RB ED Wesley (TCU) - He's 5-9, 200, and rushed for 1,078 yards in 2010, but fell off by around 300 yards in 2011.

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