Draft class 2012 ?

I was just looking over some draft prospects for 2012, and the class, at least right now, appears a lot deeper at CB and OT than at DT, which is good for us because right now it seems we need a tall cover CB more than anything else (bearing in mind we have 2 young DTs who may play well against the run as the season goes on). . Anyway, here is what I see us looking at for next years' draft in the first round purely in terms of our current needs (which were not or are not likely to be addressed by week 3):

CB - this class does have some 1st rd depth with tall corners who can play in multiple packages with some height and cover skills:

Dre Kirkpartick - 6-3, 195 AL - projects to a mid first rd, had a good year last year and could be up for a better year this year. Good physical corner who is better with run support, but his cover game will get better this year with enough opportunity, but the SEC West may be more of a running division this year with several good QBs having departed, so he may not get some of the opportunities to show his cover skills.

Cliff Harris - 5-11, 165 ORE - I dont see us taking this guy simply because he is a little undersized for what we need, but his skills are there in a secondary that was the better part of the ORE defense last year. His cover skills are solid and he is a great return man. Needs to bulk up which may lose him some foot speed.

Stephon Gilmore - 6-1, 193 SC - Another CB from SC? Could be. This guy has good size and will get to show some more of his skills against an SEC East that may feature more passing than running this year due to a down year for some teams in the running game.

Morris Claiborne - 6-1, 195 LSU - It seems the SEC has all the top corners for what we are looking for, and this guy also fits the mold. This guy got overshadowed by PP last year and lacks PP's speed, but is a better technical player and has better cover skills. He could end up being the top corner in the draft.

DT I only saw two guys that might make us salivate right now -

Brandon Thompson - 6-3, 310, CLEM - Enough size to clog the running lanes, and can penetrate. Will be better against the run than the pass.

Jerel Worthy - 6-3, 310 MI ST - Good size but not great against the pass rush, if he can improve his footspeed he could be the top DT this year in an otherwise shallow class.

OT - I am throwing this in because the class seems to be good right now, and frankly, we seem snakebitten on the Oline right now.

Matt Kalil - 6-7, 295, USC - That is right, 2 Kalils on one team, Twitter will melt down in the Carolinas! He is probably the top OT prospect right now. Projects to be a blindside tackle, and like his brother, is a little undersized but his technique and motor make up for it.

Jonathon Martin - 6-6, 304, STAN - The man who is in charge of protecting the consensus #1 pick, Andrew Luck, may also find himself taken early next year. Big strong tackle who is good at opening up holes for the running game.

Riley Rieff - 6-6, 300 IOWA - Mr. Durability has had no physical issues during his stint with Iowa, and moves well for a big man.

So, anyway, I am sure all of this will change, but it struck me that because the DT class appears so thin, and the CB class next year appears much better suited for what we are looking for, maybe the front office is looking at a similar list and making our trades/waiver wire/FA moves off of it since a tall CB seems to be missing, and we drafted a couple of DTs who are now starting.


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