Panthers officially sever ties with G Duke Robinson

According to Raven's writer and NFL Insider Aaron Wilson today the Panthers severed all ties with the 2009 5th round pick

Aaron Wilson
The Panthers waived guard Duke Robinson from injured reserve.

This was a situation where a player just wasted an astonishing amount of natural talent. I still believe Duke Robinson had legitimate, pro-bowl potential at guard, but he never showed any semblance of caring about being a football player. He was routinely out of shape, under conditioned and under prepared. One wonders what the Panthers' OL would look like right now if Duke applied himself; while nobody can be sure I'd wager he'd be our starting RG right now instead of Geoff Hangartner.

At this point can we say the 2009 draft was the worst in team history? We'll look at that...

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In the 2009 draft the Panthers had seven selections, many of which came from trades. I'm inclined to believe this was the worst draft in team history because of these trades; not only did the Panthers get numerous players who never lived up to expectations, but the actively sought out trades to bring in players who never lived up to expectations. 

How many draft classes can you remember when only three players remained on the roster after just two full seasons? I can't. If you don't remember the 2009 class here it is: 

Round Position Name Status
2 DE Everette Brown Released 2011
2 S Sherrod Martin Starting SS
3 DT Corvey Irvin Released 2011
4 FB Tony Fiametta Released 2011
4 RB Mike Goodson 3rd String RB
5 G Duke Robinson Released 2011
7 CB Captain Munnerlyn Starting CB

I hate to play the revisionist history game, but sometimes it's pertinent. When looking at the 2009 draft it's apropos. I'm a big fan of Marty Hurney overall as a GM, I really feel like he gets the short end of the stick a lot of the time as a General Manager. More often than not this seems to stem from a lot of fans not really having an understanding of what a general manager's job is vs. a coach's or scout's. 

I'm not leveling the blame on the 2009 draft on any one branch of the organization, but look what could have been with some better scouting. Keep in mind Everette Brown would not have been traded for, so I am taking into account a 2010 1st round pick, and removing the pick that became Mike Goodson also. What I'm trying to do here is stick as close to the overall positions the Panthers were looking at filling. For example, it would be easy to say "We should have taken WR Johnny Knox in the 4th round!" but in reality the Panthers weren't looking for WRs at that time.

Round Position Name
1 (2010) G Mike Iupati
2 S Sherrod Martin
3 DT Sammie Hill
4 FB Quinn Johnson
5 DE Jarius Wynn
7 CB Captain Munnerlyn

Overall this was just a case of the organization missing on numerous picks. Granted, getting two starters in Martin and Munnerlyn was excellent, and they get credit there, but Sammie Hill has been vastly better at DT than Irvin ever was, Quinn Johnson has been a backfield threat at FB and better than Fiametta. Finally we have the 2010 1st rounder... fact is if we ignored offensive guard in the 2009 draft we wouldn't have taken Duke Robinson and if we waited we could not have Mike Iupati at right guard.

At first I thought 'Well, this is because of the new coaching staff... so it's only natural there would be a lot of turnover'. That was until I looked at the 2008 draft and saw that 7/9 players from 2008 are still on the Panthers roster. 

So I have to ask Panthers fans, was the 2009 draft the worst in team history? 



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