Jumping back in to the QE rating (name pending)

Yesterday I introduced you to a new metric, the 'CQE', it was an attempt by a friend of mine to distill passer ratings into three basic areas: Yards per attempt, touchdown % and interception %. After reading the comments here on CSR and getting come outside opinion he has tweaked the numbers under the hood by examining NFL trends and averages since the merger.

This is very much still a work in progress, but under his new system I feel it's even closer to replicating a fair and accurate QB rating. As it stands he doesn't want to get into the formula too much because he wants to get pure opinions based on if you think these numbers hold water. It values touchdowns a little more, which gives a very definite bump to a QB like Ryan Fitzpatrick.

After the jump I'll give you the current standings for 2011, and give you the ratings we have for the top 5 QBs of all time using this system. Basically let us know if you think this passes the eye/opinion test of who the best QBs are. The more feedback he gets, the better he can hone the system.

Current 2011 Season
Tom Brady, QB NE 13.77
Aaron Rodgers, QB GB 13.18
Kevin Kolb, QB ARI   12.11
Tony Romo, QB DAL 11.84
Drew Brees, QB NO 11.31
Matthew Stafford, QB 11.28
Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB BUF   10.48
Andy Dalton, QB CIN 9.91
Michael Vick, QB PHI   9.32
Jason Campbell, QB OAK   9.29
Cam Newton, QB CAR 9.15
Matt Schaub, QB HOU 8.94
Rex Grossman, QB WSH 8.66
Matt Hasselbeck, QB TEN   8.48
Jay Cutler, QB CHI 8.30
Kyle Orton, QB DEN   8.19
Joe Flacco, QB BAL 8.06
Mark Sanchez, QB NYJ   7.78
Chad Henne, QB MIA 7.72
Alex Smith, QB SF 7.69
Philip Rivers, QB SD   7.56
Sam Bradford, QB STL 7.45
Eli Manning, QB NYG   7.28
Colt McCoy, QB CLE 7.04
Matt Ryan, QB ATL   7.01
Ben Roethlisberger, QB PIT   6.97
Josh Freeman, QB TB   6.46
Kerry Collins, QB IND   6.14
Tarvaris Jackson, QB SEA   5.93
Donovan McNabb, QB MIN   5.67
Matt Cassel, QB KC   1.08
Luke McCown, QB JAC   -0.06


Top 10 QBs of All-Time (Career)

Steve Young, QB SF 9.10
Tom Brady, QB NE 8.80
Peyton Manning, QB IND 8.60
Kurt Warner, QB STL 8.50
Joe Montana, QB SF 8.31
Drew Brees, QB NO 8.06
Dan Marino, QB MIA 7.94
Roger Staubach, QB DAL 7.94
Jim Kelly, QB BUF 7.60
Bart Starr, QB GB 7.54


If you have a player's career or season you want run through the system let me know and I can give you a rating.

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