Panthers Offense Has Gone From Total Horror to a Good Way

This picture is just too good not to get on the front page

There is no denying the Panthers offense was terrible last season. They finished ranked #32, dead last in offense with a paltry 12.2 points per game scoring average. Easily the worst showing in franchise history. Yet with the new coaching staff and more importantly the selection of QB Cam Newton at the top of the draft the Panther offense has shown improvement this preseason, rising to... 25th. If that doesn't sound like much improvement to you Bo Jackson sees it another way:

"There isn’t another quarterback in the NFL that has all of those tangibles," Jackson said. "And when you put all of those tangibles together with the quality of receivers and linemen that he’s got blocking for him, and the running backs that he can get the pill to, this guy is scary. The Panthers are scary."

He means 'scary' as in good scary. I had to do a double take on that. Yes, I'm happy with the improvement and I do think on paper the Panthers have a lot of talent on offense right now. But we haven't seen anything too scary on the field in my view. So do you think Jackson might be wearing his Auburn Tiger-shaded glasses?

Oh it gets better, scary better...after the jump...

When asked to compare Newton's skills to other QB's he doesn't shy away from the big names:

"When you speak of Cam Newton, I’ll put it to you just like this: He has the arm strength and power of Dan Marino and John Elway combined," Jackson said. "He is quicker than Michael Vick, faster than Michael Vick. And he will run over you with the power of a Jerome Bettis, Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell. That’s the kind of guy he is."

Arm strength of Dan Marino? Agree. He threw a 28 yard dart down the sideline... while being tackled on the run.

Quicker & faster than Mike Vick? Probably not before Vick tore up his knee but I'd just have to see these two run side by side to decide.

Running power of Jerome Bettis? Let's not get carried away Bo. Bettis wasn't called 'The Bus" because it kind of rhymed. Newton does run with power I agree but come on, the Bus? What Newton does though that I agree is completely unique is run really fast with a massive stride. The dude runs like a tall gazelle racking up about 3-4 yards a step once he gets going.

Yes I think Bo has gone a little Homer on this one and that's okay. I agree with the premise of his position and that, in due time, the Panther offense will be scary with an experienced Newton at the wheel. But I'm not seeing many OC's out there being scared of him just yet.

But Jaxon likes the way Bo thinks. ;)

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