My take: Top Ten, Bottom Ten....

Even in a losing cause again this week, there are truly alot of things to like about today's game.  Here is my top ten:


1. Pass protection:  Our O-Line is giving Cam a ton of time to throw on most passing plays.

2. Chud's play calling:  Enough said, the guy is calling good games.  No more jelly donuts.

3. Closeup on Cam on bench:  Pounding his chest after one of his picks, taking responsibility.

4. Defense:  Stopping the high octane Packers offense in the Red Zone twice after red zone turnovers, resulting in 2 FGs.

5. Never say die:  With Cam at the helm, we still had a shot at this game with 37 ticks left, despite 4 TO's.

6. Our defensive ends:  Even when they don't get a ton of sacks, CJ and Hardy are making their presence felt through pressures and offensive holding penalties.

7.  Cam posterizing Clay Matthews, more than once:  His athletic ability DOES transfer to the NFL, and nicely.

8. Thomas Davis, post surgeries, is still fast.  Nice watching him chase down Rodgers in the first half.

9. Our defensive guys giving all they had:  Making tackles, even if it meant injuring themselves in the process, in the second half.

10.  JStew:  His whole game really.  Pass catching?  I guess he can!  But most of all, that he doesn't go down/out of bounds unless more than one defender makes him.  He is a beast.



But to be fair, we lost.  That's really the one thing that matters most.  So here is, relucantly, my bottom ten:


1. #89.  Had a bad game.  Two drops, and a mental error turnover that contributed hugely to this loss.

2. Cam in the red zone.  He is uncomfortable on the shorter, more condensed field.  It's going to take some time.

3. Our special team punt and kickoff returns:  We got nothing from either.

4. Our running offense.  It has yet to happen.  I believe this will improve with time.  And with Otah.

5. Our running defense.  I don't know why Green Bay didn't just run the ball against us.  I think they would have dominated us had they chosen to do so.  Up the middle, between the tackles, we are still very vulnerable.

6. Not utilitizing Armanti.  I'm surprised he has found himself firmly on the bench when the offense is on the field.  Naanee is ok, but Armanti should be splitting reps with him to get his big play ability on the field several snaps a game.  And when he is healthy, same goes for Pilares.

7. Deangelo.  I don't believe he is washed up.  I believe he will still have a good season.  But if he doesn't start to perform better, this highly paid RB will find himself #2 on the depth chart behind a J Stew who is in his prime.

8. Crowd noise.  I'm going to next week's game, so I can't complain.  But I've watched a lot of Panthers games, and our fans did not sound loud today.  Even in the first half when we were protecting a lead.  Maybe there was too much cheese in the stadium.  I have tix for the Jaguars game, and plan on seeing what I can do to improve the noise factor next Sunday!

9. Our safeties blowing the Jennings catch for a TD, again.  I hope this doesn't continue to happen every game.


10.  We lost.  I'm not into moral victories, ESPN highlights, or big stat lines.  I'm with Cam.  We lost.  Therefore it was a bad game.


Agree?  Disagree?  Let's hear it Panther fans?  What was YOUR take on today's loss to the world champion Green Bay Packers??

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