Denver's QB situation: Oddly familiar, Oddly different...

First, I'd like to say all of this stuff in Denver makes me greatly appreciate Rivera & Company, Cam, Smith, hell, everyone and the efforts that have been put in to the rebuilding process of our Panthers.  I'm damned thankful.

Second, forgive me for posting about another team, but I've been monitoring the Orton vs. Tebow thing over at the Mile High Report and man, it is bad.  It reminded me of our last season, but it looks and feels different.  I respectfully posted a few things at the Mile High Report attempting to understand Denver's fan-woes.  Some didn't appreciate it and seemed jaded and all on-board the unproven Tebow Train. The other side of fans realizes there are more problems than just QB play. From my observation, their fanbase is dividing more and more every day. 

Last year, when we had our plethora of FanPost's with Clausen or Moore's name in the subject, I was a part of the unrelenting banter.  I actively participated.  I bashed on our guys and offered ridiculous and unrealistic solutions.  It was a constant topic for CSR.  Our QB's couldn't do a damn thing right.  Fumbles, INT's, etc.  The team in general didn't help any of our QB's.  In Denver, it seems different.  

On one hand there's Kyle Orton (7000+ yds, 44 TD's, 21 INT's, 60% Completion while in Denver - 30 games) who's the starter.  He threw for 300 yards, 2 TD's, 1 INT, 1 Fumble (pretty costly too) on Monday night vs. Oakland.  By the numbers, it doesn't look bad at all.  But for some, it was considered a very poor performance.  

On the other hand, there's Tim Tebow (654 yds, 5 TD's, 3 INT's, 50% Completion while in Denver - 9 games) who's the co-back up.  Or back up, whatever.  His name was chanted to come in and "save" a game, where multiple and more immediate problems lingered. 

To me, Orton doesn't suck as bad as many make him sound.  Now, he does have things to improve on.  But, it just seems the Tebow fanatics are getting way out of control with the whole thing.  Tebowmania seems to think the kid can bring progress or make them win.  With these following issues, I just don't see it happening.  We've been there, we've done that.  It didn't matter who was under center.  


1.  Denver's defense has been ineffective.  Rush defense has been a major issue there.  Not forcing turnovers. 

2.  They can't run the ball, forcing the passing game to "work" or else...

3.  They're O-line is very suspect and can't make holes and consistently keep pressure off the QB.

4.  Playing from behind brings a sense of urgency and an increased frequency in the passes attempted.


Being that we've been through something similar in our last few seasons, would we have demanded Orton be benched in favor of Tebow?  Chatter about making billboards to get the point across?  I don't know, I feel our reason's were justified last year.  We really had no option at QB.  Too many issues on both sides of the ball for it to make a difference.  

I know there is frustration there, but are the Tebow-fanatics being inconsiderate with the whole situation?  Are they really in that desperate of a situation to warrant some of their behavior?  Would Tebow make a difference?  I don't think so.  Not with their current problems.  For Fox and Denver, I wish them the best.   

GO PANTHERS!!!  (damned proud to be a Panther fan!)

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