Carolina Panthers Fantasy Outlook - After Week 1

After an impressive offensive showing against the Cardinals last week, especially compared to any week of the 2010 season, I thought it would be fun to see how the overall fantasy football community viewed the Carolina Panthers after week 1.

We'll look at % Own for each player leading into Week 1, and their current % Own leading into week 2. This means the percentage of all leagues that the player was on a roster as opposed to the waiver wire. We'll also look at the % Start for Week 1 vs. the % Start for Week 2. This is the percentage for each player that are in the actual Starting Lineup for each individual team.
Player Pos. Rank Prior % Own Current % Own % Change Prior % Start Current % Start % Change
Cam Newton 3 24 77.4 53.4% 1.7 17.4 15.7%
DeAngelo Williams 44 100 100 0.0% 98.6 86.4 -12.4%
Jonathan Stewart 44 100 98.8 1.2% 76.8 46 -30.8%
Steve Smith 1 100 100 0.0% 20.4 57.3 36.9%
Brandon LaFell 37 0.1 0.8 0.7% 0 0.2 0.2%
Greg Olsen 14 95.4 96 0.4% 20.1 36.4 16.3%
Jeremy Shockey 20 2.8 3.8 1.0% 0.2 1.7 1.5%

Predictably, every player involved in the Panthers passing game increased their % of ownership, and % started. While both DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewarts numbers went down. Newton is now owned in 3 out of 4 leagues. He's not getting the start in very many leagues, but overall, the fantasy community sees him now as at least a viable bye week fill-in, and almost 2 out of 5 owners are starting Newton as their fantasy QB, even against Green Bay.

After being owned in all leagues, Stewart was actually dropped in 1.2% of all leagues after the week 1 performances. DeAngelo Williams went from almost a must start RB3/Flex to sitting on the bench in over 1 out of 10 leagues.

Steve Smith is tied for 4th in targets after Week 1, only trailing Roddy White, Brandon Marshall and Desean Jackson. He's now starting in 6 out of 10 leagues. Whether owners are expecting the Panthers to be trailing early and often against the Packers, or if they see Newton to Smith as a legitimately viable fantasy option remains to be seen. We'll have to wait for week 3 to tell.

Greg Olsen is 6th among TE's in yardage after week 1 and 14th overall in scoring. If he wasn't tackled on the 1 yard line on the drive that Newton scored the rushing TD, and would have scored the TD himself, he would have been 4th among TE's after week 1. After he get's that first TD and moves up the rankings, expect to see Olsen emerging as a must start TE1.

That's the wrapup for week 1. Panthers passing game got a huge boost, while the running backs took a fantasy hit. Now might be a good time to buy cheap on a trade for DeAngelo Williams and/or Greg Olsen. Their numbers will only improve, and if the overall fantasy community sees them as not viable starters in leagues, then maybe your opponents dont either.

And don't worry, I won't be wasting your time each week, this is just something interesting after week 1.

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