12 observations from our first game

Well, noone saw THAT coming!  At least, that fast.  Speaking of Cam's debut of course.  As a detail guy, I'd like to throw out a few things from Game 1 I thought might be interesting:

1. I said it in preseason, this is not the John Fox Panthers.  Chud is a pass to set up the run kind of guy, so any success we have with the run will be because our passing game has been successful first.

2. Barring injury, we might not see nearly as much Mike Goodson this year.  I hope we can get him involved more in the passing game, but it seemed like Goody wasn't on the field much until the end of the game.

3.  Speaking of Goody, here's a special teams opinion:  I'd rather have a defensive guy covering punts than a RB.

4.  I did not see Armanti Edwards at WR today, did I miss it?

5.  I'll be the first to say Brandon LaFell had a decent game, and that I hope I'm wrong about him not stepping up to be our #2. 

6.  We set the edge better in run defense than the last few preseason games.  Now, if we can add some quality vet/vets at DT we have the potential to be a very solid defense.

7.  I was surprised Charles Godfrey seemed to have a quiet game.

8.  Was pleasantly surprised at our pass rush!  So glad to see CJ and Hardy doing their thing.

9.  Jeff King was always a standup locker room guy for us.  I wish him all the success in the world...just wish it wasn't against us.

10.  I was surprised that Cam's rushing ability seemed limited and contained in this game.  I kept waiting for some called runs or bootlegs to get him in space.  Not a complaint though, considering the game he had passing.

11.  I've said it all preseason:  I am content with Gamble and Captain as our #1 and #2 corners.  They played well today.

12.  I think one thing we have to understand is this:  Being "more aggressive" as a team will also sometimes mean we will be burned more with big plays.  The throw on the middle to Doucet as we brought the blitz comes to mind.  So we're going to have to accept some bad with the good; time will tell if "more agressive" = "more effective" than a more conservative philosophy that we have now definitely seen the last of.

Oh yes, and one more:

13.  I could read Cam Newton's mind while the Cardinal crowd was being loud:  "Please y'all, I've played in Tuscaloosa."  This wasn't just unparalleled poise.  This was frankly, a guy who has played in bigger games against more hostile stadiums than the one he played in today.

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