My 2011 NFL Season Prediction

Hello everyone, this is my 2011 NFL Season Prediction. I will forecast what will happen this season. I will tell you who will be the unfortunate worst team in the league and what team will win the Super Bowl 45. I will predict by division and by team in alphabetical order. Let's get started after the jump:

AFC East:


WK 1: At Kansas City (Loss)

WK 2: Vs Oakland (Win)

WK 3: Vs New England (Loss)

WK 4: At Cincinnati (Win)

WK 5: Vs Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 6: At New York Giants (Loss)


WK 8: Vs Washington (Win)

WK 9: Vs New York Jets (Loss)

WK 10: At Dallas (Loss)

WK 11: At Miami (Loss)

WK 12: At New York Jets (Loss)

WK 13: Vs Tennessee (Win)

WK 14: At San Diego (Loss)

WK 15: Vs Miami (Win)

WK 16: Vs Denver (Win)

WK 17: At New England (Loss)

Buffalo final record (6-10)



WK 1: Vs New England (Loss)

WK 2: Vs Houston (Loss)

WK 3: At Cleveland (Loss)

WK 4: At San Diego (Loss)


WK 6: At New York Jets (Loss)

WK 7: Vs Denver (Win)

WK 8: At New York Giants (Loss)

WK 9: At Kansas City (Loss)

WK 10: Vs Washington (Win)

WK 11: Vs Buffalo (Win)

WK 12: At Dallas (Loss)

WK 13: Vs Oakland (Win)

WK 14: Vs Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 15: At Buffalo (Loss)

WK 16: At New England (Loss)

WK 17: Vs New York Jets (Loss)

Miami final record (4-12)


New England

WK 1: At Miami (Win)

WK 2: Vs San Diego (Win)

WK 3: At Buffalo (Win)

WK 4: At Oakland (Win)

WK 5: Vs New York Jets (Win)

WK 6: Vs Dallas (Win)


WK 8: At Pittsburgh (Win)

WK 9: Vs New York Giants (Win)

WK 10: At New York Jets (Loss)

WK 11: Vs Kansas City (Win)

WK 12: At Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 13: Vs Indianapolis (Win)

WK 14: At Washington (Win)

WK 15: At Denver (Win)

WK 16: Vs Miami (Win)

WK 17: Vs Buffalo (Win)

New England final record (14-2)


New York Jets

WK 1: Vs Dallas (Win)

WK 2: Vs Jacksonville (Win)

WK 3: At Oakland (Loss)

WK 4: At Baltimore (Loss)

WK 5: At New England (Loss)

WK 6: Vs Miami (Win)

WK 7: Vs San Diego (Win)

WK 8: Bye

WK 9: At Buffalo (Win)

WK 10: Vs New England (Win)

WK 11: At Denver (Win)

WK 12: Vs Buffalo (Win)

WK 13: At Washington (Win)

WK 14: Vs Kansas City (Win)

WK 15: At Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 16: Vs New York Giants (Win)

WK 17: At Miami (Win)

New York Jets final record (12-4)


AFC North:


WK 1: Vs Pittsburgh (Win)

WK 2: At Tennessee (Win)

WK 3: At St.Louis (Win)

WK 4: Vs New York Jets (Win)


WK 6: Vs Houston (Win)

WK 7: At Jacksonville (Win)

WK 8: Vs Arizona (Win)

WK 9: At Pittsburgh (Loss)

WK 10: At Seattle (Win)

WK 11: Vs Cincinnati (Win)

WK 12: Vs San Fransisco (Win)

WK 13: At Cleveland (Loss)

WK 14: Vs Indianapolis (Loss)

WK 15: At San Diego (Loss)

WK 16: Vs Cleveland (Win)

WK 17: At Cincinnati (Win)

Baltimore final record (12-4)



WK 1: At Cleveland (Loss)

WK 2: At Denver (Loss)

WK 3: Vs San Fransisco (Loss)

WK 4:  Vs Buffalo (Loss)

WK 5: At Jacksonville (Loss)

WK 6: Vs Indianapolis (Loss)


WK 8: At Seattle (Loss)

WK 9: At Tennessee (Loss)

WK 10: Vs Pittsburgh (Loss)

WK 11: At Baltimore (Loss)

WK 12: Vs Cleveland (Win)

WK 13: At Pittsburgh (Loss)

WK 14: Vs Houston (Win)

WK 15: At St.Louis (Loss)

WK 16: Vs Arizona (Win)

WK 17: Vs Baltimore (Loss)

Cincinnati final record (3-13)



WK 1: Vs Cincinnati (Win)

WK 2: At Indianapolis (Loss)

WK 3: Vs Miami (Win)

WK 4: Vs Tennessee (Win)


WK 6: At Oakland (Loss)

WK 7: Vs Seattle (Win)

WK 8: At San Fransisco (Loss)

WK 9: At Houston (Loss)

WK 10: Vs St.Louis (Loss)

WK 11: Vs Jacksonville(Win)

WK 12: Vs Cincinnati (Loss)

WK 13: Vs Baltimore (Win)

WK 14: At Pittsburgh (Loss)

WK 15: At Arizona (Loss)

WK 16: At Baltimore (Loss)

WK 17: Vs Pittsburgh (Win)

Cleveland final record (7-9)



WK 1: At Baltimore (Loss)

WK 2: Vs Seattle (Win)

WK 3: At Indianapolis (Win)

WK 4: At Houston (Win)

WK 5: Vs Tennessee (Win)

WK 6: Vs Jacksonville (Win)

WK 7: At Arizona (Loss)

WK 8: Vs New England (Loss)

WK 9: Vs Baltimore (Win)

WK 10: At Cincinnati (Win)

WK 11: BYE

WK 12: At Kansas City (Loss)

WK 13: Vs Cincinnati (Win)

WK 14: Vs Cleveland (Win)

WK 15: At San Fransisco (Win)

WK 16: Vs St.Louis (Win)

WK 17: At Cleveland (Loss)

Pittsburgh final record (11-5)


AFC South:


WK 1: Vs Indianapolis (Win)

WK 2: At Miami (Win)

WK 3: At New Orleans (Loss)

WK 4: Vs Pittsburgh (Loss)

WK 5: Vs Oakland (Win)

WK 6: At Baltimore (Loss)

WK 7: At Tennessee (Win)

WK 8: Vs Jacksonville (Win)

WK 9: Vs Cleveland (Win)

WK 10: At Tampa Bay (Win)

WK 11: BYE

WK 12: At Jacksonville (Loss)

WK 13: Vs Atlanta (Loss)

WK 14: At Cincinnati (Loss)

WK 15: Vs Carolina (Loss)

WK 16: At Indianapolis (Loss)

WK 17: Vs Tennessee (Win)

Houston final record (8-8)



WK 1: At Houston (Loss)

WK 2: Vs Cleveland (Win)

WK 3: Vs Pittsburgh (Loss)

WK 4: At Tampa Bay (Win)

WK 5: Vs Kansas City (Win)

WK 6: At Cincinnati (Win)

WK 7: At New Orleans (Loss)

WK 8: At Tennessee (Win)

WK 9: Vs Atlanta (Win)

WK 10: Vs Jacksonville (Win)

WK 11: BYE

WK 12: Vs Carolina (Win)

WK 13: At New England (Loss)

WK 14: At Baltimore (Win)

WK 15: Vs Tennessee (Win)

WK 16: Vs Houston (Win)

WK 17: At Jacksonville (Loss)

Indianapolis final record (11-5)



WK 1: Vs Tennessee (Win)

WK 2: At New York Jets (Loss)

WK 3: At Carolina (Loss)

WK 4: Vs New Orleans (Loss)

WK 5: Vs Cincinnati (Win)

WK 6: At Pittsburgh (Loss)

WK 7: Vs Baltimore (Loss)

WK 8: At Houston (Loss)


WK 10: At Indianapolis (Loss)

WK 11: At Cleveland (Loss)

WK 12: Vs Houston (Win)

WK 13: Vs San Diego (Loss)

WK 14: Vs Tampa Bay (Loss)

WK 15: At Atlanta (Loss)

WK 16: At Tennessee (Loss)

WK 17: Vs Indianapolis (Win)

Jacksonville final record (4-12)



WK 1: At Jacksonville (Loss)

WK 2: Vs Baltimore (Loss)

WK 3: Vs Denver (Win)

WK 4: At Cleveland (Loss)

WK 5: At Pittsburgh (Loss)


WK 7: Vs Houston (Loss)

WK 8: Vs Indianapolis (Loss)

WK 9: Vs Cincinnati (Win)

WK 10: At Carolina (Loss)

WK 11: At Atlanta (Loss)

WK 12: Vs Tampa Bay (Loss)

WK 13: At Buffalo (Loss)

WK 14: Vs New Orleans (Loss)

WK 15: At Indianapolis (Loss)

WK 16: Vs Jacksonville (Win)

WK 17: At Houston (Loss)

Tennessee final record (3-13)


AFC West:


WK 1: Vs Oakland (Win)

WK 2: Vs Cincinnati (Win)

WK 3: At Tennessee ( Loss)

WK 4: At Green Bay (Loss)

WK 5: Vs San Diego (Loss)


WK 7: At Miami (Loss)

WK 8: Vs Detroit (Loss)

WK 9: At Oakland (Loss)

WK 10: At Kansas City (Loss)

WK 11: Vs New York Jets (Loss)

WK 12: At San Diego (Loss)

WK 13: At Minnesota (Win)

WK 14: Vs Chicago (Win)

WK 15: Vs New England (Loss)

WK 16: At Buffalo (Loss)

WK 17: Vs Kansas City (Win)

Denver final record (5-11)


Kansas City

WK 1: Vs Buffalo (Win)

WK 2: At Detroit (Win)

WK 3: At San Diego (Loss)

WK 4: Vs Minnesota (Win)

WK 5: At Indianapolis (Loss)


WK 7: At Oakland (Loss)

WK 8: Vs San Diego (Win)

WK 9: Vs Miami (Win)

WK 10: Vs Denver (Win)

WK 11: At New England (Loss)

WK 12: Vs Pittsburgh (Win)

WK 13: At Chicago (Win)

WK 14: At New York Jets (Loss)

WK 15: Vs Green Bay (Loss)

WK 16: Vs Oakland (Win)

WK 17: At Denver (Loss)

Kansas City final record (9-7)



WK 1: At Denver (Loss)

WK 2: At Buffalo (Loss)

WK 3: Vs New York Jets (Win)

WK 4: Vs New England (Loss)

WK 5: At Houston (Loss)

WK 6: Vs Cleveland (Win)

WK 7: Vs Kansas City (Win)


WK 9: Vs Denver (Win)

WK 10: At San Diego (Loss)

WK 11: At Minnesota (Loss)

WK 12: Vs Chicago (Win)

WK 13: At Miami (Loss)

WK 14: At Green Bay (Loss)

WK 15: Vs Detroit (Win)

WK 16: At Kansas City (Loss)

WK 17: Vs San Diego (Loss)

Oakland final record (6-10)

San Diego

WK 1: Vs Minnesota (Win)

WK 2: At New England (Loss)

WK 3: Vs Kansas City (Win)

WK 4: Vs Miami (Win)

WK 5: At Denver (Win)


WK 7: At New York Jets (Loss)

WK 8: At Kansas City (Loss)

WK 9: Vs Green Bay (Win)

WK 10: Vs Oakland (Win)

WK 11: AT Chicago (Win)

WK 12: Vs Denver (Win)

WK 13: At Jacksonville (Win)

WK 14: Vs Buffalo (Win)

WK 15: Vs Baltimore (Win)

WK 16: At Detroit (Loss)

WK 17: At Oakland (Win)

San Diego final record (12-4)



1. New England (14-2)

2. San Diego (12-4)

3. Baltimore (12-4)

4. Indianapolis (11-5)

5. New York Jets (12-4)

6. Pittsburgh (11-5)


AFC Wild Card Weekend

3. Baltimore vs. 6. Pittsburgh

4. Indianapolis vs. 5. New York Jets


AFC Divisional Weekend

1. New England vs. 5. New York Jets

2. San Diego vs. 3. Baltimore


AFC Championship Game

1. New England vs. 3. Baltimore

AFC Champions are the New England Patriots


NFC East:


WK 1: At New York Jets (Loss)

WK 2: At San Fransisco (Win)

WK 3: Vs Washington (Win)

WK 4: Vs Detroit (Win)


WK 6: At New England (Loss)

WK 7: Vs St. Louis (Win)

WK 8: At Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 9: Vs Seattle (Win)

WK 10: Vs Buffalo (Win)

WK 11: At Washington (Win)

WK 12: Vs Miami (Win)

WK 13: At Arizona (Loss)

WK 14: Vs New York Giants (Win)

WK 15: At Tampa Bay (Loss)

WK 16: Vs Philadelphia (Win)

WK 17: At New York Giants (Loss)

Dallas final record (10-6)


New York Giants

WK 1: At Washington (Win)

WK 2: Vs St.Louis (Loss)

WK 3: At Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 4: At Arizona (Loss)

WK 5: Vs Seattle (Win)

WK 6: Vs Buffalo (Win)


WK 8: Vs Miami (Win)

WK 9: At New England (Loss)

WK 10: At San Fransisco (Loss)

WK 11: Vs Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 12: At New Orleans (Loss)

WK 13: Vs Green Bay (Loss)

WK 14: At Dallas (Loss)

WK 15: Vs Washington (Win)

WK 16: At New York Jets (Loss)

WK 17: Vs Dallas (Win)

New York Giants final record (6-10)


Philadelphia Eagles

WK 1: At St.Louis (Loss)

WK 2: At Atlanta (Win)

WK 3: Vs New York Giants (Win)

WK 4: Vs San Fransisco (Win)

WK 5: At Buffalo (Win)

WK 6: At Washington (Win)


WK 8: Vs Dallas (Win)

WK 9: Vs Chicago (Win)

WK 10: Vs Arizona (Win)

WK 11: At New York Giants (Win)

WK 12: Vs New England (Win)

WK 13: At Seattle (Win)

WK 14: At Miami (Win)

WK 15: Vs New York Jets (Win)

WK 16: At Dallas (Loss)

WK 17: Vs Washington (Win)

Philadelphia final record (14-2)



WK 1: Vs New York Giants (Loss)

WK 2: Vs Arizona (Loss)

WK 3: At Dallas (Loss)

WK 4: At St. Louis (Loss)


WK 6: Vs Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 7: At Carolina (Loss)

WK 8: At Buffalo (Loss)

WK 9: Vs San Fransisco (Loss)

WK 10: At Miami (Loss)

WK 11: Vs Dallas (Loss)

WK 12: At Seattle (Loss)

WK 13: Vs New York Jets (Loss)

WK 14: Vs New England (Loss)

WK 15: At New York Giants (Loss)

WK 16: Vs Minnesota (Win)

WK 17: At Philadelphia (Loss)

Washington final record (1-15)




WK 1: Vs Atlanta (Loss)

WK 2: At New Orleans (Loss)

WK 3: Vs Green Bay (Win)

WK 4: Vs Carolina (Loss)

WK 5: At Detroit (Loss)

WK 6: Vs Minnesota (Win)

WK 7: At Tampa Bay (Loss)


WK 9: At Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 10: Vs Detroit (Win)

WK 11: Vs San Diego (Loss)

WK 12: At Oakland (Loss)

WK 13: Vs Kansas City (Loss)

WK 14: At Denver (Loss)

WK 15: Vs Seattle (Win)

WK 16: At Green Bay (Loss)

WK 17: At Minnesota (Win)

Chicago final record ( 5-11)



WK 1: At Tampa Bay (Loss)

WK 2: Vs Kansas City (Loss)

WK 3: At Minnesota (Loss)

WK 4: At Dallas (Loss)

WK 5: Vs Chicago (Win)

WK 6: Vs San Fransisco (Win)

WK 7: Vs Atlanta (Win)

WK 8: At Denver (Win)


WK 10: At Chicago (Loss)

WK 11: Vs Carolina (Win)

WK 12: Vs Green Bay (Win)

WK 13: At New Orleans (Loss)

WK 14: Vs Minnesota (Win)

WK 15: At Oakland (Loss)

WK 16: Vs San Diego (Win)

WK 17: At Green Bay (Loss)

Detroit final record (8-8)

Green Bay

WK 1: Vs New Orleans (Win)

WK 2: At Carolina (Win)

WK 3: At Chicago (Loss)

WK 4: Vs Denver (Win)

WK 5: At Atlanta (Loss)

WK 6: Vs St. Louis (Win)

WK 7: At Minnesota (Win)


WK 9: At San Diego (Loss)

WK 10: Vs Minnesota (Win)

WK 11: Vs Tampa Bay (Win)

WK 12: At Detroit (Loss)

WK 13: At New York Giants (Win)

WK 14: Vs Oakland (Win)

WK 15: At Kansas City ( Win)

WK 16: Vs Chicago (Win)

WK 17: Vs Detroit (Win)

Green Bay final record (12-4)



WK 1: At San Diego (Loss)

WK 2: Vs Tampa Bay (Loss)

WK 3: Vs Detroit (Win)

WK 4: At Kansas City (Loss)

WK 5: Vs Arizona (Win)

WK 6: At Chicago (Loss)

WK 7: Vs Green Bay (Loss)

WK 8: At Carolina (Loss)


WK 10: At Green Bay (Loss)

WK 11: Vs Oakland (Win)

WK 12: At Atlanta (Loss)

WK 13: Vs Denver (Loss)

WK 14: At Detroit (Loss)

WK 15: Vs New Orleans (Loss)

WK 16: At Washington (Loss)

WK 17: Vs Chicago (Loss)

Minnesota final record (3-13)




WK 1: At Chicago (Win)

WK 2: Vs Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 3: At Tampa Bay (Win)

WK 4: At Seattle (Win)

WK 5: Vs Green Bay (Win)

WK 6: Vs Carolina (Win)

WK 7: At Detroit (Loss)


WK 9: At Indianapolis (Loss)

WK 10: Vs New Orleans (Win)

WK 11: Vs Tennessee (Win)

WK 12: Vs Minnesota (Win)

WK 13: At Houston (Win)

WK 14: At Carolina (Loss)

WK 15: Vs Jacksonville (Win)

WK 16: At New Orleans (Loss)

WK 17: Vs Tampa Bay (Win)

Atlanta final record (11-5)


WK 1: At Arizona (Win)

WK 2: Vs Green Bay (Loss)

WK 3: Vs Jacksonville (Win)

WK 4: At Chicago (Win)

WK 5: Vs New Orleans (Loss)

WK 6: At Atlanta (Loss)

WK 7: Vs Washington (Win)

WK 8: Vs Minnesota (Win)


WK 10: Vs Tennessee (Win)

WK 11: At Detroit (Loss)

WK 12: At Indianapolis (Loss)

WK 13: At Tampa Bay (Loss)

WK 14: Vs Atlanta (Win)

WK 15: At Houston (Win)

WK 16: Vs Tampa Bay (Win)

WK 17: At New Orleans (Loss)

Carolina final record (9-7)


New Orleans

WK 1: At Green Bay (Loss)

WK 2: Vs Chicago (Win)

WK 3: Vs Houston (Win)

WK 4: At Jacksonville (Win)

WK 5: At Carolina (Win)

WK 6: At Tampa Bay (Loss)

WK 7: Vs Indianapolis (Win)

WK 8: At St. Louis (Loss)

WK 9: Vs Tampa Bay (Win)

WK 10: At Atlanta (Loss)

WK 11: BYE

WK 12: Vs New York Giants ( Win)

WK 13: Vs Detroit (Win)

WK 14: At Tennessee (Win)

WK 15: At Minnesota (Win)

WK 16: Vs Atlanta (Win)

WK 17: Vs Carolina (Win)

New Orleans final record (12-4)


Tampa Bay

WK 1: Vs Detroit (Win)

WK 2: At Minnesota (Win)

WK 3: Vs Atlanta (Loss)

WK 4: Vs Indianapolis (Loss)

WK 5: At San Fransisco (Loss)

WK 6: Vs New Orleans (Win)

WK 7: Vs Chicago ( Win)


WK 9: At New Orleans (Loss)

WK 10: Vs Houston (Loss)

WK 11: At Green Bay (Loss)

WK 12: At Tennessee (Win)

WK 13: Vs Carolina (Win)

WK 14: At Jacksonville (Win)

WK 15: Vs Dallas (Win)

WK 16: At Carolina (Loss)

WK 17: At Atlanta (Loss)

Tampa Bay final record (8-8)


NFC West:


WK 1: Vs Carolina (Loss)

WK 2: At Washington (Win)

WK 3: At Seattle (Win)

WK 4: Vs New York Giants (Win)

WK 5: At Minnesota (Loss)


WK 7: Vs Pittsburgh (Win)

WK 8: At Baltimore (Loss)

WK 9: Vs St. Louis (Loss)

WK 10: At Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 11: At San Fransisco (Loss)

WK 12: At St. Louis (Loss)

WK 13: Vs Dallas (Win)

WK 14: Vs San Fransisco (Win)

WK 15: Vs Cleveland (Win)

WK 16: At Cincinnati (Loss)

WK 17: Vs Seattle (Win)

Arizona final record (8-8)


St. Louis

WK 1: Vs Philadelphia (Win)

WK 2: At New York Giants (Win)

WK 3: Vs Baltimore (Loss)

WK 4: Vs Washington (Win)


WK 6: At Green Bay (Loss)

WK 7: At Dallas (Loss)

WK 8: Vs New Orleans (Win)

WK 9: At Arizona (Win)

WK 10: At Cleveland (Win)

WK 11: Vs Seattle (Win)

WK 12: Vs Arizona (Win)

WK 13: At San Fransisco (Loss)

WK 14: At Seattle (Loss)

WK 15: Vs Cincinnati (Win)

WK 16: At Pittsburgh (Loss)

WK 17: Vs San Fransisco (Win)

St. Louis final record (10-6)


San Fransisco

WK 1: Vs Seattle (Win)

WK 2: Vs Dallas (Loss)

WK 3: At Cincinnati ( Win)

WK 4: At Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 5: Vs Tampa Bay (Win)

WK 6: At Detroit (Loss)


WK 8: Vs Cleveland (Win)

WK 9: At Washington (Win)

WK 10: Vs New York Giants (Win)

WK 11: Vs Arizona (Win)

WK 12: At Baltimore (Loss)

WK 13: Vs St. Louis (Win)

WK 14: At Arizona (Loss)

WK 15: Vs Pittsburgh (Loss)

WK 16: At Seattle (Loss)

WK 17: At St. Louis (Loss)

San Fransisco final record (8-8)



WK 1: At San Fransisco (Loss)

WK 2: At Pittsburgh (Loss)

WK 3: Vs Arizona (Loss)

WK 4: Vs Atlanta (Loss)

WK 5: At New York Giants (Loss)


WK 7: At Cleveland (Loss)

WK 8: Vs Cincinnati (Win)

WK 9: At Dallas (Loss)

WK 10: Vs Baltimore (Loss)

WK 11: At St. Louis (Loss)

WK 12: Vs Washington (Win)

WK 13: Vs Philadelphia (Loss)

WK 14: Vs St. Louis (Win)

WK 15: At Chicago (Loss)

WK 16: Vs San Fransisco (Win)

WK 17: At Arizona (Loss)

Seattle final record (4-12)



1. Philadelphia  - NFC EAST CHAMPION(14-2)

2. Green Bay - NFC NORTH CHAMPION(12-4)

3. New Orleans - NFC SOUTH CHAMPION(12-4)

4. St. Louis - NFC WEST CHAMPION(10-6)

5. Atlanta (11-5)

6. Dallas (10-6)



3. New Orleans vs. 6. Dallas

4. St. Louis vs. 5. Atlanta



1. Philadelphia vs 5. Atlanta

2. Green Bay vs. 3. New Orleans


NFC Championship Game

1. Philadelphia vs 2. Green Bay


NFC Champions are the  Philadelphia Eagles


Super Bowl 46

Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots


New England Patriots will be the Super Bowl Champions of the world.


Thanks for reading everyone! Tell me what you think, any mistakes?

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