Fan Fest 2011: An Extensive Review, including rating the QB’s

First, the plays.  If you find this part boring, skip down to the bottom for some commentary.

This first series is 11 on 11 but defense can’t really tackle, so some of the TD’s are for that reason

JC at QB

n      totally locked in on 89, overthrows out of bounds

n      next play, only looks at 1 receiver again, but completes to shockey

n      throws behind smitty, incredible circus catch (would love to have read smitty’s mind after this one.  He gets up, spins the ball.  He made a crappy pass into a first down.)

n      overthrows AE

n      bad throw to olsen in the endzone.  Olsen makes an amazing circus catch for TD

n      jimmy looked poor on this series

Lots more...after the jump...

Cam at QB

n      great pass to clowney, chevis tips it away at the last moment, nice play on D

n      25 yard crossing route completion to Barnidge, who goes in for the TD, nice play!

n      20 yard crossing completion to Pilares, right on the money, nice spiral!

n      Sideline throw to Barnidge, broken up by Burney

n      Screen pass to Goodson, TD.  Missed the open Nanu on the goal line, bad read


Series 2:  real football with tackling now


JC at QB

n      finds no one open, scrambles

n      pass batted down at the line by a FLYING Norwood

n      quick hitter to Stewart, nice short throw


Cam at QB

n      all out blitz, unblocked rushers, Cam does immediate jump pass that hits Goody in the back.  33 did not read the blitz and was not looking for the ball.  Great read by QB

n      all out blitz, again.  Norwood and Anderson have Cam “sacked” within 2 sec’s of the snap

n      out route to 87, Cam puts it where only Clowney can catch it.  Diving attempt, drop, should have caught it

n      Cam pass to AE, they are on the wrong page.  Armanti did a slant, Cam threw deep

n      Pugh blitz, unblocked, sack

n      Cam’s least effective series.  Um, his only ineffective series.


JC at QB

n      10 yard out to Shockey, nice pass

n      Slant pass to Smitty, quick hitter, led him 3 feet too far, Smitty not quite able to come up with it


Cam at QB

n      Pass to Nanu, threw behind him

n      Slant to Pilares, nice throw and pass

n      Short slant pattern to Goody, smoking hot pass, 5 yard TD

n      Perfect pass to Pilares in back of endzone, Pugh great play to tip it away at last second


JC at QB

n      Bad pass, right to Anderson, who drops the interception (crowd groans)

n      Crossing route to ARmanti for short TD.  He waited way too long to find open receiver.  AE’s speed kept him open for 3 seconds until JC finally found him

n      Crossing route to Nanu, short TD, nice pass


Cam at QB

n      Medium crossing route to Nanu, back of endzone, TD, wow!  Great pass,

n      Fade route perfectly placed in corner of endzone for Clowney, another TD!  Stadium is really buzzing now


Goody gets to the corner, speed!!  Great run.


JC at QB

n      Jimmy’s best throw of the day is a 25 yard go route to Sutton, perfect pass on the sideline

n      Crossing route to Wright, underthrown, CJ Wilson jumps the route and drops the pick

n      Crossing route to Hartsock, 10 yards, nice pass


Cam at QB

n      Called bootleg run, Cam is wide open in space for big gain

n      Go route to Clowney, 55 yard pass hits him in stride for the nicest pass of the day, the crowd goes wild.  I was sitting right where Clowney caught the ball, it was a huge throw, unbelievable stuff y’all.

n      Crossing route 10 yards to Olsen, perfect pass

n      1 bootlegs again, this time CJ is waiting for him!!  1 still beats him to the corner, with his speed, but kudos to CJ for sniffing it out.  He gets a sack on anyone but Cam or Vick on that play

n      3 step drop, ZIP, quick hitter to Clowney, perfect pass


Other notables:


n      Our top 3 running back all look like lightning!  They are ready to go and look fresh and really, really fast.

n      Despite a couple of drops, Clowney catches more balls than anyone else among our WR’s.  Nanu and Pilares also showed well.  AE didn’t do terrible, but also did not stand out.

n      Brockel is getting some reps at FB.  Saw more of him than Jackson

n      The TE’s all had good showings today; it felt like 30-40% of our pass plays went to them.  Especially nice to see Barnidge making a few solid grabs today for big gains

n      Also, with a one RB set, we are using the second TE in motion and circling back beside QB in the shotgun to help pass protection

n      Darvin Adams was not in the mix, but looked big, fast and athletic to me

n      Clowney and Pilares took some reps as gunners on ST’s

n      With Gamble and Captain out, RJ Stanford was with the 1’s

n      Shockey was running with the 1’s, not Olsen

n      Norwood and Pugh were standouts on Defense, and Burney made a couple nice plays also

n      It was harder to gauge how the Defense is doing, because most of the drills did not allow full tackling/hits


Other observations:

n      When a bunch of kids used a down time to all yell “Hey Cam”,  #1 looked up, pointed at them, and smiled.  The kid is going to be THE fan favorite of this team

n      Autographs:  Cam hammin it up!  He’s going from one corner of the stadium to the other, even where only a few fans are standing, signing, signing some more, the whole stadium clamoring for him, and he is really going out of his way to accommodate as many as possible.  I later saw his face as he was going in after practice and he looked extremely spent.  But that didn’t stop him from taking 10 minutes more to sign autographs than most anyone else.  He is an entertainer indeed!

n      RR drives a nice white Equis

n      Beason’s little gold Porsche was the nicest car of the bunch.  (My buddy wanted autographs for his son’s football so we hung around afterwards)


Bottom line on our QB’s


n      DA still not getting any reps with the team.  I believe this means he is not in the mix to start and should be viewed as our #3 QB at this time.

n      If I were to rate the QB’s performances today, I would give Jimmy a 4 and Cam a 7.  I didn’t record all of the incompletions above.  Cam had a few.  Jimmy had a few more.

n      Jimmy does not look confident.  Worse, he continues to be indecisive; he takes too long to make decisions.  All of his passes except the one to Sutton were short routes, 5-10 yards mainly.  He is simply not comfortable throwing the ball downfield.  He plays not to lose, to not make mistakes. He wasn’t terrible.  He did complete many short passes.  But he did not have a good practice at all IMO

n      Cam is extremely confident.  He threw the ball ALL OVER the field, making all the throws, short, middle and some unbelievably beautiful bombs.  He plays to win, and is going to be not only a QB but a PLAYMAKER


This was just one practice, but here is my opinion.  Jimmy looks like a decent backup that can get you 10-17 pointS a game if he has good players around him.  Cam Newton looks like a future superstar in the NFL.  While he missed a few passes here and there, he had an extremely good practice.  His accuracy was not perfect, but really good overall.  Near the end he had 3 great TD passes within about a 15 minute period of time.  It was awesome to watch!  In my opinion, you could not witness what I did today and have any doubt who our starting QB is going to be.  It was really fun and encouraging to witness!

If I think of more things I’ll add them later, but want to get this posted before it gets too late.

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