Carolina Panthers UDFA overview pt.2

Part One

Our ongoing look at the Carolina Panthers' UDFA signings continue today with another four hopefuls looking to make an NFL roster. Today we have a punter, kicker, center and defensive end to look at, so lets not waste any time!

Th_ncf_i_santella11_200_medium Anthony Santella, P - Illinois

As it stands the Carolina Panthers have a very competent punter in Jason Baker, but in this league it always helps to be ahead of the game. It's highly unlikely Santella will be better than Baker in camp, but he will help the team try out punt returners, and a good camp could push the Panthers to stash him on the practice squad for the future.

2010 stats: 64 punts, 44.8 average, 67 LNG


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Th_480206_medium Ryan Pugh, C - Auburn

Never discount the power of familiarity; This is one of the key reasons Ryan Pugh was signed by the Carolina Panthers. Starting every game for Auburn in 2010, his relationship with Cam Newton proved invaluable during their championship run. Pugh has the size (6'1", 293lbs) and desire to be on an NFL roster, but the skills needed are somewhat lacking. As thin as the Panthers are at backup center there's a good chance he'll at least make the practice squad.

College stats: Started 31 games


Th_adi-kunalic-kos-nebraska-300x264_medium Adi Kunalich, K - Nebraska

When Kunalich was first signed the thinking was simple: "Here's out cheap KoS who can handle the duty for Kasay", now everything's changed. With the signing of Olindo Mare the Panthers made their intention at kicker known very early, they want someone who can do it all. Kunalich may surprise some people, but it's going to be near impossible to win a roster spot as a KoS now. Important to note he did not kick field goals at Nebraska, just kicked off.

2010 stats: 39 touchbacks in 86 kickoffs


Th_3114631823_206a40d367_m_display_image_medium Thomas Keiser, DE/OLB - Stanford

The 6'5", 257lb Thomas Keiser looks to be a hybrid player in the mold of a poor man's Eric Norwood. Undrafted in 2010 there were reports that former Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh was trying to get him to the 49ers, but ultimately Keiser chose the Carolina Panthers. His role for the Panthers would be a 3-4 OLB in pass rush packages, and he has experience working with 3rd round pick Sione Fua. This is a player I suggest fans keep an eye on in preseason, because he could be special.

2010 stats: 37 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 1 INT


Tomorrow I'll be looking at John Giannioto, Ugo Chinasa, Kendric Burney, Byron Bell and Davin Adams



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