Three hypothetical moves for a Monday Morning

To kick off the week here at Cat Scratch Reader I thought I'd start some discussion regarding three hypothetic roster moves, one that I think will happen, one that I think will not happen and one I think should happen. Given that this is a new week full of promise and wonder lets try to lift the discourse okay? At the end of last week and into the weekend people forgot how to be nice to each other and cogent discussions devolved into bickering, lets change that this week.

One move that will happen (I think)

Panthers trade for Philadelphia Eagles CB Joselio Hanson

Where there's smoke, there's fire, and in the case of Hanson this rumor has been smoldering for a while. I disagree with early reports that he would cost anything greater than a 4th round pick, and that's why I think this deal will get done in the end. At this stage in his career he's either one of the worst #2 corners in the league, or one of the best Nickel CBs in the NFL depending on how you look at it. Filling in for injury in 2010 Hanson totaled 19 tackles and 3 passes defended in 6 starts. Sure, the numbers don't jump off the page but he has familiarity with Sean McDermott, and this off-season has been all about bringing in 'his guys' with Sean Considine and Omar Gaither leading the charge.

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One move that wont happen

Panthers sign WR Terrell Owens

In the past I know it's something some fans have been advocating, and on the surface it doesn't seem like a bad idea to help bolster the Panthers anemic receivers in the wake of David Gettis' ACL tear. However, in the wake of the news his recovery will take longer than expected we can put a fork in this idea. Even if Owens was game ready right now I think it would be unlikely and here's why: Both Owens and Steve Smith are receivers who need to ball to thrive and remain happy, in Chud's offense everything is going to be run through one receiver primarily and then the TE as the second option. T.O can still contribute to a team, but not one with a rookie QB and a TE who will likely get more receptions.


One move that should happen

Panthers sign DT Jamal Williams

The point of attack has to get filled somehow, and I can't think of a better way to fill the gap than with the mammoth 348lb Jamal Williams, former NT for Ron Rivera in San Diego. Despite being at the age of 35 Williams played a full 16 game schedule last year for Denver while amassing 47 tackles. I would immediately plug Williams into the NT spot and pair him with rookie Sione Fua to make a very large defensive line on first and second down, then rotate out Fua for Terrell McClain on 3rd downs to get a little more pressure up the middle. While a Williams/Fua pairing wouldn't get a lot of pressure in the backfield it would at least hold the line to allow Charles Johnson and/or Greg Hardy to get more 1-on-1 opportunities on the edge.


What do you think Panthers fans? Why don't you join in and give us a move you think will happen, one you think wont happen and one that should happen.

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