I've got good news, and I've got bad news from Saturday practice

Release the Kracken

Let me see, is it better to start with the good or the bad?  Probably be the bad, so folks end on a positive note.  So here goes.

According to Steve Reed, "Schwartz hip injury may be serious."  He didn't really elaborate, other than to say that the injury is "starting to look like a concern," and he didn't list Schwartz among the current players expected to be back for game one.

This, to me, is a very troublesome turn of events.  MacBurn'd  is just not getting it done (understatement) at RG.  It's late in the preseason to be shuffling guys around on the O-Line, but should we think about moving Wharton to RG and MacBurn'd to LG, where he played a bit better last season?  Maybe a better solution would be to bring back an old friend.  More after the jump.

Geoff Hangartner is on the bubble in Buffalo.  He's a veteran that can play center or either guard slot, and proved it many times as a valuable backup for the Panthers prior to his release in '09.  If he gets cut, I would hope we're all over it like stink on shite.  It's either grab a veteran or hope either Duke or Bell can fill the void.

Ready for the Good News?

Otah making strides in return from knee injury

By Steve Reed

Ron Rivera said he was pleased with the practice performance of RT Jeff Otah, who is still coming back from a knee injury. "He looked good today and took several reps with the (starters)," Rivera said. "In fact, I think he did more than we expected him to. He's had a few good weeks of rehab and strengthening up that leg." The big question now is whether Otah will experience more swelling in his knee after a good practice.

We need the Incredible Hulk (Otah) back on the field smashing open holes for double trouble.  Fingers and toes are crossed that he quickly gets back to being the dominating RT he's shown to be in the far too distant past.

More Good News?  I try to please.

Hardy returns to practice

By Steve Reed

The Panthers had RDE Greg Hardy (skin abrasions/foot) back on the field Saturday running with the first-team defense. Hardy could have played Thursday night vs. Cincinnati but the team held him out as a precautionary measure.

Obviously, we need the Kracken to break out this season, and I think he will.  The fact that he's ready to go and is practicing is great news.  At least his injuries weren't the kind that linger.

And finally, this (from the same source):

... the team is still hoping Beason, Martin and Fiammetta will be ready for the season opener.

To start the season relatively healthy would be great... to end it still relatively healthy would be fandamntastic.

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