Tyrod Taylor: Why he looks better than our QB's...

One thing I noticed after our dismal game, Tyrod Taylor of the Ravens looked pretty damned efficient vs. the Redskins on MNF.  He had Andy Dalton-like stats in the second half of the game.  11/18, 125yds, 1 TD.  

Now, I understand Taylor's performance was against 2nd and 3rd teamers, but still... Taylor had more passing yards than both of our guys combined.  Is this because the Ravens have better 2nd and 3rd team talent and continuity? (NO, I think we have plenty of untapped talent to go around.  Continuity IS an issue on offense.  Our new offense, new terminology, etc.)  Could it be the Raven's have been running the same offensive system for many seasons?  (Possibly.  It just seems the Raven's 2nd and 3rd's were meshing together looking like they at least somewhat knew their offense.)  Could it be Taylor had a better opportunity to play, actually getting onto the field?  (YES, this is the Raven's defense.  2nd's, 3rd's still, it's a Raven's defense.  They get their offense onto the field.)  Could it be Taylor was comfortable in having superior protection and time to make sensible decisions?  (YES, he looked comfortable, and seldom had to run for his life.)  Was Taylor playing against a poopy Redskin's defense? (More than likely, but I do think the Bengals has been worse.  Either way, still both poopy.)

Now, I'm not saying Taylor is better than Cam or Clausen nor am I joining his Fan Club, but it did kind of make my gut churn watching this 2011 6th rounder look like more of a QB than our boys.  Maybe this is me bitching, maybe this is me subconsciously understanding why our QB's have been so ineffective?  A cry for help?  I have no idea.   

On the understanding and realistic side, there are obvious factors that have effected Cam n' Clausen's effectiveness like:  Inconsistent offensive line play married to a so far ineffective run game, a scaled-back playbook tied to an offensive system that's been in place for 3 or 4 weeks, and a defense that CAN'T seem get off the field.  These things have not helped out QB's at all.

My thoughts on Mr. Cam Newton.

1.  Focus on foot work, foot work and only foot work.  If Cam can step into his throws his accuracy would improve dramatically.  He can make the throws and we know this.  But he won't when all of his weight is on his right foot.  If Cam can get this down, the coaching staff can then worry about pocket presence.

2.  Let Cam be Cam.  I know they're trying to develop Cam into a pocket passer, but he looks a little uncomfortable attempting to sit in the pocket.  I'm sure he's being encouraged to stick in the pocket (or what's left of it) for as long as he can.  I know that first instinct for him is to run and not sit.  But, If they implement new things into his game piece by piece, little by little, I think he may have an easier transition.  I don't know, does it seem like he's being rushed into the "Pocket Passer" classification?  Maybe my view here is overshadowed by the offensive line not giving him enough opportunity?

3.  I think I'm typing all of this because I'm a worried, eclectic, hopeful, wishful-thinking couch potato that has no coaching experience whatsoever.  Anyway, I want to see the Panthers succeed.  I want to see Cam succeed.  I know there's a ton of work and learning to go on in between failure and success and I guess we just have to hold faith and stay optimistic.  On another note, what in the hell, defense?  What in the hell?!  Piss!!!!

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