"What? JR doesn't want Cam to have tats?!" RAAAAGE

This from a page out of "You're about three months late" news: the rest of the football world have just heard that Jerry Richardson doesn't want Cam Newton to get any tattoos or piercings, and the result? RAGE! Richardson and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones appeared on PBS' 'The Charlie Rose Show', during the interview JR discussed what we already knew from after the draft, the story where Richardson asked Cam if he had any tattoos or piercings to which Cam replied 'No' and JR wanted it to stay that way.

In classic NFL fan, knee-jerk, freak-out fashion this has become yet another occasion for 'JR is a jerk' rhetoric that has been so pleasantly absent since the CBA was ratified, but what can we really expect? Richardson became the figurehead for all things draconian during the negotiations, and now he's seen as a curmudgeon keeping his players from expressing themselves.

My take after the jump

Personally, I don't care how anyone expresses themselves as long as these expressions are tasteful. I mean, I believe in freedom speech of speech and expression as much as the next person, but I don't want a player on the Panthers with 'Mein Kampf' tattooed on them just because they want it. However, I see Jerry Richardson's point; he's trying to create a brand and build a company and just as any corporation can ask you to hide body art, or privately frown against it so can Richardson.


"Does this GIF really speak to Richardson's role in the Panthers, or did

I just want to use an Archer reference? I'll let you decide" 

It's hilarious to me that sports fans would go after Richardson in this matter, yet the New York Yankees have had a 'no facial hair' policy in place for almost 40 years, and the Kansas City Chiefs still insist on turtlenecks for their official team photos


Looking good Matt!

In the end this is yet another storm in a teacup that paints Richardson as Ebenezer Scrooge to the rest of the world's Bob Cratchet. Like before this is something that will die out in time, I just found it amusing that within hours of the interview sites were already reporting the "I'd prefer you not to have tattoos" as "Richardson to Cam: NO TATS!".

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