Should The Panthers Draft QB Terrelle Pryor?

Ex-Ohio St. QB Terrelle Pryor finally had his Pro Day today, and now the question is how will his Pro Day workout affect his draft position, and should the Panthers draft him?

Pryor ran an outstanding 4.38-40 (scouts timed it from 4.38 to 4.42, per Albert Breer and others), of whitch's Rob Rang wrote, "The soft turf generally slows a player down at least in comparison to a hard turf or track surface".

Mike Freeman of wrote a good article about Pryor's speed, writing "2 NFl personel men ... after watching hours of film of Pryor, ... he's years away from being an NFL QB, and both seriously doubted he'd make it in the NFL" before his Pro Day, but now after his Pro Day 1 of them is texting him saying, "His speed is changing my mind". That prompted Freeman to write, "To some in the NFL, speed has always been (like) a drug". Here is a link to Freeman's article..

Albert Breer (of writs that, "Pryor completed 27 of 39 passes to moving targets, with 4 drops".

Mike Lombardi (on Nfl Network's "Total Access") ask, "What position does he play? He's an athlete, but what's his level of comittment? The team that drafts him will have to keep him on their 53 man roster (or they will lose him to another team), but he won't be able to play QB this season."

To me the NFL did him a favor by suspending him for the first 5 games, that other Supplemental Draft picks won't get. That way he won't count against the 53 man roster until after the 5th game, and some player may be injured by then, so he can take their roster spot, after having an extra 5 or 6 weeks (depending on their bye week) to get him ready for the NFL (like Newton did during the lockout).

Rob Rang posted all of Pryor's workout numbers, so here they are.

Height: 6-4 3/8 (listed at 6-6 at Ohio St.)

Weight: 232 pounds

40 Time: 4.38

Vertical Jump: 31 inches

Broad Jump; 10-4 (10 feet 4 inches)

3-Cone Drill: 7.2 seconds

20 Yard Shuttle: 4.3 seconds

Rob Rang wrote 2 very good articles about Pryor's Pro Day, and here are some of his important quotes. From an unmaned source, "Not that great of workout numbers for a supposedly great athlete'. Then from Rang himself, "His vertical and short shuttle results were very average in comparison to other QB's" at the Combine. QB Ryan Calburn ... 40 timing as poorly as 5.23 seconds ... was timed alarmingly faster in the 3-cone drill (6.84 seconds) than Pryor (7.2 seconds)". The 3-cone drill is designed to test a players balance, ability to change direction, and burst. ... Pryor would have been the slowest of the WR's tested in this event. He also would have been slower than vertually all of the TE's". This is important because both Pryor and his agent said today that he would be willing to play any position in the NFL, and some NFL personel men had suggested that Pryor might be better in the NFl as a TE or WR, rather than as a QB. Rang continues, "That Pryor tested so poorly in this drill leads me to wonder if he tired early or perhaps didn't that this particular part of the workout as seriously as others". He didn't make clear whether he meant other events, or other players, but it does raise questions about his effort and attitude. "As a QB, Pryor's average accuracy and decision making means he's at a minimum a 2 year project ... a glorified wildcat option ... 4th or 5th round (pick)". Here is a link to Rang's 2 articles.

I posted almost 2 months ago that the Panthers should consider drafting Pryor in the 5th or 6th round, because his skills are so much like Cam Newton's that he might mack a good long-term backup QB, but his workout has caused me to change my mind. Pryor's poor workout numbers (other than his 40 time) have to make you wonder if he only has straight line speed, lacking the lateral, or change of direction speed to be a WR, TE, or avoid sacks as a QB. His lack of jumping ability would also be a factor against him moving to receiver. That along with some character issues and questionable effort will now cause me to drop him to a 6th ot 7th round pick for the Panthers, and he will probably be gone by then.

What do you think?

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