Panthers vs. Dolphins Offensive Tape Review - 1st Two Series

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - AUGUST 19: Greg Olsen #88 of the Carolina Panthers is tackled by Karlos Dansby #58 of the Miami Dolphins during a preseason NFL game at Sun Life Stadium on August 19, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

I've got a breakdown of the Panthers first two offensive series where I look at the play in slow motion and identify what caused the play to be successful or fail as applicable. Considering the Panthers went scoreless on these two series please don't expect it to be too good. So here we go:


Panthers 1st Offensive Series


1-10-CAR 20 (10:30) D.Williams right guard to CAR 22 for 2 yards (K.Dansby).

Dansby went unblocked because #73 Bernadeau went to block the wrong guy


2-8-CAR 22 (9:52) C.Newton pass short middle to G.Olsen to CAR 34 for 12 yards (K.Dansby).

Nice pass by Newton to a streaking Olsen, one of the bright spots in this first quarter


1-10-CAR 34 (9:11) C.Newton pass incomplete deep left to B.LaFell [C.Wake].

Newton had to rush the pass because DE Cameron Wake drove TE Jeremy Shockey back like into Newton’s grill like he wasn’t there.

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2-10-CAR 34 (9:05) D.Williams left guard to CAR 36 for 2 yards (K.Dansby).

C Ryan Kalil pulled and failed to get much on LB Danby who shed him and made and the tackle.


3-8-CAR 36 (8:22) (Shotgun) C.Newton scrambles left end to CAR 42 for 6 yards (V.Davis).

The Dolphins overloaded the right side as Dansby blitzed and came unblocked. I can’t blame RT Garry Williams as he had to take the DE. The Dolphins did a lot of shuffling right before the snap and I’m sure Newton was confused. It seems we only had one WR on a short route (Naanee) who went on a short out. We offense just didn’t have the right play call.


Panthers 2nd Offensive Series

1-10-CAR 23 (:52) C.Newton pass short left to J.Shockey pushed ob at CAR 39 for 16 yards (R.Jones)

Nice route by Shockey and very nice protection from the o-line.

1-10-CAR 39 (:23) C.Newton pass incomplete short middle to D.Williams.

Trying to set up the screen to Williams who was held up and the play just never unfolder right. Newton wisely threw it to Williams feet

2-10-CAR 39 (:17) D.Williams right tackle to CAR 41 for 2 yards (Y.Bell)

The right side of the line got a decent push but Bell was able to get off of G Williams block and make the play.

3-8-CAR 41 (15:00) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass short right to G.Olsen to CAR 48 for 7 yards (K.Burnett)

Newton had protection in spite of middle blitz. Nice pass and catch to Olsen but an even better open field tackle by the ILB Burnett.



So in summary on some plays we simply had poor execution and others we got beat by a superior play call by the defense. Let’s learn and move on Panther fans. The good news is Newton seems good at avoiding the really bad plays and subsequent turnovers (knock on wood) which I realize is little consolation but it should be. Rookie QBs usually look a lot shakier than what I am seeing from Newton. Once he gets comfortable with the offense and personnel I think he’ll be better at reacting to what the defense is giving him than we have seen so far. 

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