Will the Carolina Panthers have any interest in the supplemental draft?

Michael McAdoo is an intriguing prospect... for the right price.

The NFL just announced that Terrelle Pryor will be allowed to enter the NFL's supplemental draft, making him the marquee player on the list. Though it seems highly unlikely the Panthers would take a flyer or Pryor, this off season has taught us that stranger things can happen when it comes to the new attitude from the front office.

There are five more prospects entering though, and one who definitely could peak the interest of the Panthers, for the right price that is. We'll look at the other four players not named Terrelle Pryor and see if there's a player the Panthers could use.

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DE Michael McAdoo- North Carolina

Essentially McAdoo was named ineligible for the 2011 season due to plagiarism at the University of North Carolina. The 21 year old DE/OLB is an intriguing prospect who a late round flier could easily be justified. Though McAdoo weighs just 247lbs he's definitely young enough to add some bulk to his frame; this coupled with stellar athleticism makes his a prospect who could either be the next Robert Quinn, or the next Vernon Ghoulston... however, if the price is only a 5th or 6th round pick then there is a chance the Panthers could get a player with excellent pass rushing skills at a bargain basement price, and a position of need.

College stats (24 games):  29 tackles, 10 for a loss, 3.5 sacks


S Tracy Wilson- North Illinois

While the Panthers have been safety happy this offseason with the signings of Sean Considine, Kevin Payne and Michael Greco it seems unlikely they would bring another into the fold. Really, Wilson is a bubble player at best who could have been a 6th or 7th rounder in the NFL draft. I don't expect any team to claim him.


DE Kennan Mace- Lindenwood

No chance here. If the Panthers wanted a DE then they'd spend a pick on McAdoo. This is another player who I don't think will be selected in the supplemental draft.


RB Caleb King- Georgia

This is a pick that would make a lot of sense for some teams, but not the Carolina Panthers. King has been injured at times, has some questionable character concerns and never really lived up to his billing while at Georgia. There's just no way the Carolina Panthers look at any running backs when they'll already need to make tough decisions at the position when cuts come up. For a team like Kansas City with a disciplinarian like Todd Haley though this could be a great choice to throw a late pick at.


CB Torez Jones- Western Carolina

Again, here's a player that has a shot of making a practice squad, but it seems unlikely a team will invest a pick in him. Jones showed flashes of being a play-maker, but really he's a poor man's Kendric Burney, and with Burney already on the roster and fighting for a job the Carolina Panthers will prefer a veteran at the position, rather than another rookie.

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